Ridley College Sports Update


The Ridley Gymnastics Team competed at the CISAA OFSAA qualifier on April 8th, and every girl qualified for at least one event at OFSAA in Windsor from April 17 – 19. With the overall strength of our level 2 team, we will be competing for the level 2 team championship, as well as aiming for individual awards.

Top 4 finishes include:

Level 1:
Ana Hinestrosa 4th on floor
Dani Pariente 3rd on floor, 4th on beam

Level 2:
Kennedy Farr 1st on vault and floor, 3rd on bars
Mariana Hinestrosa 1st on beam, 2nd on floor, 3rd on vault, 4th on bars
Caroline Birkenshaw 1st on bars, 2nd on vault, 3rd on beam
Morgan Aleven 2nd on beam, 3rd on floor
Emma Hudson 2nd on bars
Shayda Shivafard 3rd on beam, 4th on floor

Level 3:
Mackenzie Fowler 1st on beam and 2nd on floor

Wish them luck at OFSAA!!


Two of Ridley’s senior boys’ basketball team members participated in the Niagara Regional All-star basketball game. This game featured the top 20 players selected by a coaches poll from across the Niagara Region. Because Ridley plays in the Independent school league, the fact that 2 of our players were even selected speaks volumes of the attention and talent that our school presently has in our basketball program. Cooper Rigg played on the Zone 4 team (St. Catharines/Grimsby) scored 10 points, a few blocks and fit in perfectly with his new teammates. Geno Bullard ran the point against Cooper on the Zone 3 team (Welland/Niagara Falls/Fort Erie) had 5 points and double digit assists. Congratulations and well done to both of these athletes!

Ridley Independent Film Festival – 3rd Annual RIFF!

Apertures, Aptitudes and Attitudes: Ridley Independent Film Festival 2011

This year’s festival showcased a collection of short films made by the students in Shelley Thomas’ Grade 12 Film Studies course.

Over the past few months, students have participated in a number of workshops to evaluate the technical and creative aspects of each other’s films, their efforts culminating in an evening of cinephilia, excitement, and felicity through film. The festival showcased an eclectic array of film styles and genres, including stop-motion photography, claymation, documentary, comedy and drama.

A number of these films have been entered in the TSFF (Toronto Student Film Festival) to be held in May 2011.  We wish our budding filmmakers well as they take their next steps in their cinematic journeys.

Enjoy the Films:

Probability- Directed by Gianni B.

I’ve Forgotten You – Directed By Owen W.

Findley – Directed by Mackenzie F.

Ana, Mia, and I – Directed by Brynn H.

The Birthday – Directed by April W. & Jonathan K.

A Lovely Silence – Directed By Briony K.

Between the Lines – Directed By Kitty C.

The Bump in the Road – Directed by Christina K.

One Bite Stand – Directed by Laura R. & Megan B.

Off the Cuff – Directed by Gianni B.

Ridley College Spirit Week

It’s Spirit Week at Ridley College! Today is sdrawkacb yad or BACKWARDS DAY! Sports and Tutorial were in the morning instead the afternoon and chapel is this afternoon instead of this morning – our normal school schedule is completely reversed.  Students are also wearing colours by grade so, Grade 9’s are wearing blue, Grade 10’s green, Grade 11’s Red, and Grade 12’s Yellow.  Tomorrow students will be donning sunglasses all day!  Thursday is Tacky Tie Day and Friday there will be orange and black as far as the eye can see as Ridleians put on all their Ridley gear to watch the rugby tournament we are hosting!

Ridley College Spirit Week from Ben Jurjevich on Vimeo.

Ridley Tradition: Cadet Ball

Friday night Ridley Students were dolled up for the annual Cadet Ball at Hernder Estates. Ladies in Grades 11 & 12 dressed in beautiful dresses and the gentlemen put on the cadet uniforms for this traditional Ridley event.   Grade 9-10 students held parties at their respective houses.  Check out some pictures from the evening:

Grade 10 Students at Princess theme house party

House Reach Competition: Upset First Time in a Decade!

The match was intense this morning in the Theatre! ABW was eager to defend their long-standing tile (7 years in a row) and G-West was eager to break the even longer drought for ladies houses (since 1994 when G-East won). The game started with a lively match between Jr. Andrew P. scoring a 4-point ‘Who Am I?’ question about Queen Elizabeth and Liz G. answering two key team questions (G-West displayed excellent cooperation to answer these questions). The Jr. round ended with G-West ahead.

ABW’s Sr. boys worked hard to close the gap, leaving only a two point differential going into the last five questions. Both Sr. teams were very well rounded, with each player answering multiple questions, certainly the strongest field we’ve had in years! In the end G-West was able to gain a three-point lead, securing the first championship for a girls house in 17 years! The G-West girls are now the proud owners of a tree stump (the prize for this house competition) that has been showcased in the ABW common room for many years.

2011 “D” Company Cadet Appointments

Company Commander of “D Company (CC)  – Major Pip Neill- Morabito

Company Sergeant Major (CSM) MWO – Carter Filion

2nd In Command (2IC) – Captain Rachel Kulhanek

#13th Platoon (Algonquin)

Lt.            Nicholas Bahadoorsingh

Sgt.             Lucas Bonifacio- Proetto

#14th Platoon (Huron)

Lt.            Alex Hebert

Sgt.            Jack Gelbart

#15th Platoon (Iroquois)

Lt.             Annie Hinan

Sgt.            Jacob Campbell

#16th Platoon (Mohawk)

Lt.            Ashleigh Sternberg

Sgt.            Dane Sisnni

Colour Party

Lt.            Sandy Morrison

Sgt.            Ben Court

Sgt.            Luke Court

Mr. Fazzari Goes to Parliament

Grade 10 student Alexander F. travelled to Ottawa over March Break for the Forum for Young Canadians, read about his experience:

From the moment I arrived in Ottawa it was a very exciting time.  I had the good fortune to be in Ottawa during a week when an election was called and I had the opportunity to learn all about its process first hand.  I was able to participate in simulations and panel presentations.  I participated in a simulated election, parliament, and debates while learning how to influence public policy.  The Forum for Young Canadians is non-partisan, so that means that no matter your political leanings, you get to hear from all the major political parties in Canada.

In addition, I learned how difficult it is to make laws and how difficult it is to have your opinion align with those of others in order to get a law written in so that all those involved are satisfied.  This process taught me how to get my opinion heard during a voting simulation by debating issues that were important in a mock government.  I was elected Prime Minister of my group and I presented the group’s issues on immigration to the forum.  I delivered the speech in English and in French to the best of my ability.  For my efforts in speaking French, I received the Second Language Award!  The whole experience was amazing!

I visited the Senate, the House of Commons, the Library, and the public viewing area in Parliament.

I was able to meet and have dinner with the Welland riding Member of Parliament, Malcolm Allen, on Parliament Hill.  Also present at the dinner were other MPs, Senators, and VIPs from across Canada.  We heard speeches from MPs and Ministers about their stories.

I wanted to participate in the Forum for Young Canadians because I am very interested in law and politics and the forum gave me the opportunity to learn more about these topics.

I found the experience to be very enjoyable and informative and it helped me to make the decision to pursue a career in law.

Norman C. Wins Beaverbrook Vimy Prize

The Vimy Foundation has chosen Ridley College student Norman C. to be a Beaverbrook Vimy Prize award winner for 2011.  This award provides young students with a historical perspective second to none, the annual scholarship brings together youth from Canada, the United Kingdom and France, so that they can better appreciate the intertwined history of their three nations and come to understand the bravery and sacrifice of war.

The Beaverbrook Vimy Prize competition also builds upon the legacy of Lord Beaverbrook, (1879-1964), a prominent Canadian historical figure known for his creativity, ambition, leadership and vibrant energy. Born in Canada of modest background, Max Aitken rose as a successful entrepreneur, both in Canada and the United Kingdom where he became an influential newspaper publisher, important Government minister and friend and close colleague of Winston Churchill during World War II.

Winners take part in an intensive scholarship program in Europe, participating in educational seminars and museum events, including visits to the iconic Vimy War Memorial and other historic battlefields and gravesites, in England, Belgium and France.