Senior Reach Provincial Team Vs. Faculty

Today, our Senior Reach Provincial Team (hereafter referred to as SRPT) took on a group known as “The Faculty” (or at least a small representative force thereof).

After Round 1, the score was 110-100, giving The Faculty a marginal lead. In the following rounds, the SRPT put forth a spirited effort, yet The Faculty employed their lightning speed buzzer pressing reflexes–and their age–to answer some key team questions (especially a memorable set of four about “A Modern Stone-Age Family”)

Mr. Park delivered “the knockout punch” with his answer to this question: “Who threw the ‘phantom punch’ that knocked out Sonny Liston, thus becoming the WBC Heavyweight Champion in 1965?” — (Sorry couldn’t resist this one!)

Final score: Faculty 470 —  SRPT 180.

Thanks to all who came to watch. Special thanks to Mrs. “Vanna White” Hahn for keeping score.

Check out some of the action:

Green Party Wins Minority Government in Mock Election

Canadians headed to the polls yesterday for a federal election and so did Ridley College students. They had an opportunity to vote in a mock election run by the Grade 9 Civics Classes. The classes each represented a political party (Liberal, Conservative, Green and NDP) and campaigned over the past few weeks.  Over 300 students voted during the two lunches in the upper school. A number of staff and faculty members supported the vote as well.

The results of the vote:

Conservative Party (Jon Armstrong) 25.4%
Green Party (Luis Lopez) 38.6%
Liberal Party (Elizabeth Gross) 22%
NDP (Michael Singh) 14%

Luis Lopez’s Greens are awarded with the honour of holding the minority government

Church Parade 2011

No. 162 Royal Canadian (Army) Cadet Corps – The Ridley Cadet Corps. held its annual Church Parade on Sunday.

The Cadet Corps and Marching Band proceeded from the school south on Henrietta Street, east on St. Paul Street over the Burgoyne Bridge, north on Ontario Street, west on College Street, south on Yates Street (past the original site of Ridley), west on St. Paul Street, and north on Henrietta Street.

The Ridley Cadet Corps, founded in 1907, is the largest Corps in Canada. The Church Parade is a long-standing school and St. Catharines’ community tradition that involves just under six hundred students.

The rain held off and the mace was successfully thrown over the Marriott Gates making for a successful parade! Check out the video for the parade:

To view additional pictures, click here.