Meet Our Grads – Chibuzo

145 students graduated from Ridley College this year. Our students are off to Universities near and far to pursue various interesting degrees, everything from Pre-Med to Aviation! Chibuzo was a prefect, played in the jazz band and was on the rugby team. Watch as Chibuzo tells us where she is headed next year:

Meet Our Grads – Briony

145 students graduated from Ridley College this year. Our students are off to Universities near and far to pursue various interesting degrees, everything from Pre-Med to Aviation! Briony was a prefect this year, played “Penny” in the musical Hairspray!, was a member of the choir and played tennis.  She also received the honour of the Mason Medal at Prize Day.


Watch Briony talk about where she is headed next year:

Upper School Prize Day 2011

excitement building before grads enter field house

It’s officially summer time here at Ridley College! The campus has cleared out and it’s very quiet after an exciting weekend. 145 students walked across the stage to receive their diploma on Saturday in the Field house. Prize giving, a rousing valedictorian address by Gianni B and a graduation dinner were some of the highlights from Saturday. Some students have been at Ridley for eight months, others eight years, but they have all taken something away from their time here.

Prize Day 2011 - Field house

Check out the valedictorian speech:

Check out some highlights from Prize Day:


Gianni B - Valedictorian for class of 2011
Mrs. Loat - receives honorary diploma after 20 years in Academics/Guidance Office


Mason Medal Winner Briony with Ms. Elizabeth Mason


2011 Prize Winners in front of School House

Lower School Prize Day 2011

This weekend Ridley held two Prize Day ceremonies. Friday evening the Lower School students graduated from Grade 8 and special prizes were awarded to Lower School students. It was much more than an evening to award prizes, it was a time to reflect as graduations often are and the valedictorian address by Ashleigh S. did just that. The grade 8 students have formed a strong bond throughout the school year with each other and their teachers. There is no doubt that they will carry the memories from Lower School with them as they move on to Upper School whether it be at Ridley or another high school in Canada or beyond. Check out the valedictorian address, it’s a good mixture of humour and sentimentality:

Before Prize Day, there was a dinner and dance for the graduates. Take a look at the Hollywood themed event:

Hollywood sign outside of Lower School
Red carpet into dining hall
Dining Hall decorated in Hollywood theme



2011 Athletic Scholarships for Graduates

Prize Day is quickly approaching. We will all gather tomorrow for house receptions, a chapel service, a prize giving ceremony and a graduation dinner. It will be a day to remember for our 2011 graduates! In September our graduates will be off to places near and far pursuing various degrees! We have thirteen students that will be on athletic scholarships and countless others on academic scholarships.

Below is a list of the athletic scholarship recipients:

Canadian Schools
Sarah Robichaud – Dalhousie University, NS (CIS hockey)
Emily Van Deipen – Mount Allison University, NB (CIS hockey and soccer)
Karlyle Robinson – Windsor University, ON (CIS hockey)
Colin MacKay – University of Western Ontario, ON (CIS Rowing)
Charlotte Clarke – University of Western Ontario, ON (CIS Rowing)
Cooper Rigg – Wilfrid Laurier, ON (CIS Basketball)

United States Schools
Eleeza Cox – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), NY (NCAA Division I hockey)
Kara Power – Minnesota State, MN (NCAA Division I hockey)
Chris Draper – Brown University, RI (NCAA Division I hockey)
AJ Pieprzak – Saint Michael’s College, VT (NCAA Division II hockey)
Victoria Purcell – Pfeiffer University, NC (NCAA Division II Golf)
Sam Reimer – Oswego State College, NY (NCAA Division III hockey)

Congratulations to all the graduates and looking forward to Prize Day tomorrow!

Sports Round-up For The Year

A great year for Ridley athletics.  The overall athletic program had a 60% win percentage this year – a 7% improvement over last year and a 12% improvement over 2009. Below is a list of the accomplishments of our sports teams over the course of the entire school year:

CISAA Team Medals – 16 Championships, (8 Gold, 8 Silver)

CISAA Division I Champions:             3 (First Girls Basketball, First Girls Swimming, U14                                                                  Tennis)

CISAA Division I Silver Medals:         4 (First Boys Hockey, First Girls Rugby, First                                                                               Girls Golf, First Girls Soccer)

CISAA Division II Champions            4 (U12 Boys Soccer, U14 Boys Hockey, U14 Boys                                                                          Rugby, U12 Softball)

CISAA Division II Silver Medals:       3 (U14 Boys Soccer, U14 Boys Basketball, First                                                                            Boys Rugby)

CISAA Division III Champions:         1 (Second Girls Field Hockey)

CISAA Division III Silver Medals:      1 (U16 B Boys Soccer)

Individual CISAA Medals (4 Gold, 8 Silver, 7 Bronze)

Swimming                                      Four Gold, Five Silver, Three Bronze

Gymnastics                                    Two Gold, Five Silver

Track and Field                             Three Silver, Four Bronze

OFSAA Results (Team – 2 Silver, 1 Bronze) – (Individual – 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze)

First Girls Basketball                        “A” Bronze Medalists

First Swimming                                  One Gold, Three Silver, One Bronze

First Gymnastics                               Level II Team Silver Medalists

First Boys Basketball                        “A” Silver Medalists

First Girls Soccer                              “A” Qualifiers

First Boys Soccer                              “A” Qualifiers

First Boys/Girls Tennis                    6 Athletes qualified

CAIS Results:

First Girls Rugby                        Plate Champions – 3rd place finish

First Boys Rugby                        Bowl Champions

Tournament/Regatta Medals: (4 Gold, 13 Silver, 4 Bronze)

First Boys Hockey             – Tiger Challenge Cup Silver Medal, UCC Invitational Silver                                                      Medal, St. Francis Invitational Silver Medal

First Girls Hockey             – Tiger Challenge Cup Silver Medal, Mercyhurst Invitational                                                     Silver Medal, Detroit Invitational Silver Medal

First Boys Basketball        – St. Catharines Standard Silver Medal

First Girls Volleyball         – Brock Invitational Bronze

Rowing                                 – Stotesbury Cup: Senior Girls Quad (Silver), Canadian                                                               Championships: Senior Girls Double (Silver) Senior Girls Quad                                              (Bronze), Early Bird Regatta (3 Gold, 2 Silver), London Regatta                                                (1 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 bronze)



IB Faculty Announcement

The new IB Faculty Coordinators have been announced! Over the next year, the International Baccalaureate Coordinators will begin to plan programmes and coordinate teacher training prior to the launch of the IB programme beginning September 2012. The following faculty members have been chosen as the IB Coordinators:

Duane Nickerson – Diploma Programme (DP) Coordinator
Grades 11-12



Dr. Justin Baird – Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Coordinator Grades 11-12




Melanie Williams – Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) Coordinator
Grades 11-12




Paul O’Rourke – Middle Years Programme (MYP) Coordinator Grades 7-10




Taylor York- Ireland – Primary Years Programme (PYP) Coordinator Grades K-6

Lower School Sports Day

It’s Sports Day for the Lower School! Each student is wearing a blue, red, yellow or green shirt that represents the ‘Tribe’ that they are a part of. All Lower School students were assigned a ‘Tribe’ at the beginning of the year and students gain points for their ‘Tribe’ through competitions and academic achievement.

Check out the action:

To view pictures from the day click here.