Tips for New Ridley College Students: Tip #1

In two weeks students will be arriving on the Ridley College campus. For many students it will be their first time away from home or their first time attending Ridley, so I decided to ask our summer Admissions Assistant Erin if she could come up with some tips to help new students.  Erin attended Ridley for eight years and graduated this year. In a series of ten videos Erin will share her tips for new students.  Check out tip #1:


Ridley Athletic Therapist Uses CPR Skills to Save a Life

On July 22, I was in our athletic therapist – Lenny Ferraro’s office being treated for a sore back that I received thanks to my first bike ride in about three years! It was a routine session and Lenny and I were chatting about our weekends when all of a sudden a basketball coach from the camp in the gym burst into Lenny’s office requesting assistance.  A little girl had collapsed in the gym – without hesitation Lenny ran to the gym and within minutes he had brought the little girl back into the office and began performing CPR on her.  Lenny was calm and cool and was never rattled by the stressful situation.  For six years he has been training Ridley staff and faculty in CPR (CPR classes are mandatory for all Ridley faculty and staff), but he has never had to use it on someone in need.  I am happy to say that the eight year old girl who suffered a heart attack is now home safely and as someone who witnessed his heroic efforts I cannot stress the importance of knowing CPR and I will surely be attending the next session that Lenny teaches.  To read the full article from the St. Catharines Standard click here.

Ridley Organ in Pieces!

Don’t panic, the organ is just having a good cleaning after 28 years. Dodington and  Dodington from Alymer Ontario is on campus taking the organ apart, cleaning and fixing anything that needs attention and re-installing the bits and pieces.  They should be done by the end of the week. They will be focusing their attention next week on the “Echo Pipes” that have not worked for quite some time. These are located over the entrance as you walk in to the main chapel. The organ dates back to 1926.

As told by Anne Kubu – Manager of Communications


Ridley Rowers Show Well at Henley Regatta

Madison Leitch and Alison Whitty pulled off a late race charge to capture the Under 19 Womens Doubles Championship Friday evening at the Canadian Henley Regatta. The girls were comfortably in third place as they approached the Island, moved quickly through the Vancouver crew for 2nd as they passed the 1500 m pylon and finally chased down, then passed Victoria City from B.C. with about 200 metres to go. A few rough strokes as they neared the finish line added to the drama but the girls from Ridley would not be denied. 76 Crews from across North America started in this category and 1 was left standing to hoist the Thorne Family Trophy!

Connar Boyd ’12 and Austin Bald ’12 finished third in the Under 19 Men’s Pair final on Saturday.  Colin MacKay ’11 and Austin Bald ’12 placed third with their crew in the Under 19 Men’s Eight race on Sunday.


Ridley Rowers Advance to Finals At Henley

Connar Boyd ’12 and Austin Bald ’12 came first in the semi-final Men’s Under 19 Pair at the Henley this afternoon.  Jordan Meyers ’12 and Grav Gravson placed second in the same race.  Both crews will be in the finals tomorrow at 12:30! Alison Whitty ’12 and Madison Leitch ’12 race in the final Under 19 Women’s Double tonight at 6:15 pm.  Good luck Ridleians!! To watch online or to view results visit:

Watch the boys in action: