Lower School Cross Country Race

The Lower School held their annual Cross Country Race for students in Grades 4-8. 

This year 119 students participated.  Our younger students were the cheerleaders shouting words of encouragement and offering up high fives along the route of the race.  

It was an unseasonably warm day – perfect for a run! 

The results for the race are as follows:

U11 Girls

1      Nicole Cappellazzo

2      Cameryn Cappellazzo

3      Marlize Van Sittert

U11 Boys

1      Manqoba Phakathi

2      Garrett Bowley

3      Nicholas Pavlika

U12 Girls

1      Abbey Bowley

2      Faith Bell

3      Kiana Gemmell

U12 Boys

1      Jack Hilditch

2      Callum Campbell

3      Paul Rosenbaum

U13 Girls

1      Liana Biktimirova

2      Hannah Bradley

3      Sophia Seguin

U13 Boys

1      Sam Court

2      Will Cowherd

3      John Andrew Kit

U14 Girls

1      Fionna Stevenson

2      Ella Foss

3      Arianna Gadinger

U14 Boys

1      Romaeo D’Intino

2      Brett Erskine

3      John Drake

Boys Overall Winner – Reid Trophy: Romaeo D’Intino

Girls Overall Winner – Cadeau CupAbbey Bowley

The winning tribe was: Mohawk

To view more pictures from the race click here!