Ridley College Activities- Aquarium Club

Every Thursday afternoon after school Ridley College students meet with their activity groups.  There are over 70 clubs and activities for students to be involved in everything from knitting to working on the latest theatre production to the aquarium club.

I stopped by the Aquarium Club to see what is involved in this particular activity run by Mr. Bowen:

Ridley College is the largest boarding school programme in Ontario, with graduates attending top universities in Canada, the United States, and around the world. With over 100 different high school courses, 14 different athletic teams, and over 70 clubs and activities, Ridley has much to offer its students from 31 different countries.

Ridley College Amnesty Concert

Last night in the Mandeville Theatre students sang, danced and played musical instruments in support of Amnesty International. The audience enjoyed renditions of a few Adele songs, instrumental interludes and a special performance from Mr. Lockey. Tickets from the annual talent showcase go directly to Amnesty.

Take a look at the video of a few of the performances:

Lower School Public Speaking

The annual Lower School Public Speaking Competition was held on Tuesday. Students from Grade 4 (Isabella T), 5 (Cameryn C), and 6 (Jack H) competed in the Junior Division. Grade 7 students (Alexandra C, James G) vied for top place in the intermediate level, and Grade 8 students (Grace L, Sophia S) competed for the senior crown. With honourable mentions to each of the runners-up, the winners were:

Jack H- Junior – Grades 4-6
James G- Intermediate – Grade 7
Grace L- Senior – Grade 8

The junior and senior winners will participate in the annual Grantham Optimist Public Speaking Championships next week, while the intermediate winner will have the opportunity to compete against students from other independent schools in Toronto during third term.

Ridley College Presents Little Shop of Horrors

Ridley is presenting Little Shop of Horrors next week! There will be shows February 24-25th and March 2nd-3rd at 7:30p.m. in the Mandeville Theatre.  On Monday night I had the opportunity to watch a bit of the rehearsal for the show- the sets, costumes and AMAZING singing is sure to make this an incredible show. Check out a sneak peek:

Ridley College has an extensive Arts program including drama, music and visual arts.  The drama program consists of two major productions a year (a drama and a musical), The CAPPIES- theatre review program and many other opportunities including touring productions to other countries, click here to find out more about the drama program.

An Interview with Mr. Kidd – Ridley’s Newly Appointed Headmaster

Will N. '13 & Andrew P. '13 talking to new Headmaster Mr. Kidd on Skype

Bob Dylan once said “the times they are a changin” and this is the current situation at Ridley. As many of you may already know at the conclusion of this school year our current headmaster Jonathan Leigh will be leaving the school after eight years of headship. When Mr. Leigh first arrived at Ridley it was a very different school. The average staff member had been at the school since the early 80’s, cadets was believed to be on its way out and the new rink was merely another soccer pitch amongst many. Since then there has been a profound shift between age generation, now the average age of a Ridley staff member is thirty nine, the school’s population has increased exponentially and sports programs such as rowing, basketball and hockey have flourished.

In comes Mr. J. Edward Kidd, our newly appointed headmaster who will be taking over for Mr. Leigh starting this September. Awaiting Mr. Kidd are many new challenges that Ridley will have to face in the coming years. In particular the inclusion of the International Baccalaureate program which pending approval will be implemented into the curriculum in the upcoming school year.

Mr. Kidd brings a wealth of experience in the IB programme. At only forty-one years of age he has already worked in several different schools in Canada, Korea and currently the Shanghai American School in China; where he is the head of the Upper School. In his years at SAS he has introduced the IB program with overwhelming success. Upon his arrival at the school in 1998 the school had an overall population of approximately 600 students and since then it has multiplied five fold as it now encroaches 3000. The IB programme has proven beneficial as graduates of the school now find themselves in Ivy League Universities in the United States as well as their British counterparts Cambridge, Oxford, Durham and King’s College London.

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Mr. Kidd over Skype and he told us a little about himself and informed us of his admiration for the IB programme as well as his excitement towards joining the Ridley Community.

Mr. Kidd assured us that Ridley’s transition into IB will be a smooth one as the current requirements for a Ridley student already fit the mould of IB. He wished to clear the air of all misconceptions we may have. Anyone who is already comfortable with the demands of the current Ridley schedule will not be too overwhelmed with IB as the inclusion of activities and community service are already implemented into Ridley’s current curriculum. From an academic standpoint the biggest assumption Mr. Kidd believes students are making is that IB is only for elite students. Even the most average of student has found success in the programme and Mr. Kidd has experienced first hand the transformation that students undergo with IB.

Ridley is a school with many deep-rooted traditions, and the time set aside for tradition provides an additional challenge to IB, as a student’s schedule may become more occupied with academics. Mr. Kidd promises that no traditions are to be eliminated immediately but with IB the school will evolve and like cricket and the old boy system before, some traditions may not be able to adapt.

Aside from the International Baccalaureate, Mr. Kidd brings a lot more to the table and he hopes to bring some youthful energy to the position of Headmaster as this will be the first time someone under fifty will hold the position in a couple decades. Along with Mr. Kidd will be his wife Hanna who is also a schoolteacher as well as their three children Jayden, Mia and Ashton. Their entire family is active in the Shanghai American School community as they participate in athletics, community service and many different endeavours beyond the classroom. Mr. Kidd and his family have picked up the language, as they are familiar with both Korean and Mandarin.

Mr. Kidd and his family are truly excited to join Ridley and he believes that it is an outstanding institution and cannot wait to be a part of it. When asked what sold him and his family on Ridley he quickly answered, “The campus, the architecture, the fields, it is all just magnificent.” He knew it was the place for him.

We look forward to Mr. Kidd’s arrival this summer and wish Mr. and Mrs. Leigh a very fond farewell and the best of luck in their future endeavours.

Written By Will N. ’13 and Andrew P. ’13


Ridley College Student Talent – Rubik Cube Master

Grade 11 student, Charlie Wu has a special talent- solving Rubik cubes! It all started four years ago when Charlie picked up his first Rubik cube and ever since he has been working to solve more complex cubes. Most people have trouble figuring out the standard 3X3 cube, but Charlie can solve it in mere seconds!  He can also solve the 5X5, 6X6 and 7X7! In fact, he has entered competitions and is currently ranked #95 in the world for the 7X7.  Check out Charlie in action and prepare to be amazed:

Charlie solving the 7X7 Rubix Cube:



Pan Am Gold Medalists Visit Ridley College Squash Players

Ridley College Squash Teams with Stephanie Edmison and Samantha Cornett

Yesterday afternoon the Ridley Squash program hosted an exhibition with two of Canada’s top Female Squash Players. Recently, Stephanie Edmison and Samantha Cornett captured Gold at the Pam Am Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.   Sam and Steph spent an hour with all of Ridley’s squash players, telling them a bit about their squash experiences, and then putting on a fun and impressive exhibition of squash. After, the girls hit around with our senior players:

The Making of Audrey II – Ridley College Presents ‘Little Shop of Horrors’

In three weeks Ridley College’s production of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ opens!  Rehearsals, costume making and set and prop production are in full swing.  One of the fun challenges of this production is making 4 different stages of Audrey II’s – the giant man-eating plant!

Students working on #3 Audrey II for Ridley College production of 'Little Shop of Horrors'

#1 and #2 Audrey II - 'Little Shop of Horrors'

‘Little Shop of Horrors’ opens February 24th.  There are four shows, February 24th-25th and March 2-3rd each at 7:30pm.  For tickets please call Hanks: 905-684-1889 Ext. 2243.

Ridley College has an extensive Arts program including drama, music and visual arts. The drama program consists of two major productions a year (a drama and a musical), The CAPPIES- theatre review program and many other opportunities including touring productions to other countries, click here to find out more about the drama program.