Oh Deer

For students and staff at Ridley College, seeing deer in the evening or early morning on the front fields is a daily occurrence. Ridley backs on the Twelve Mile Creek ravine, a feature that runs from the Niagara Escarpment to the south, ending at the Henley Rowing Course to the north. There are more deer in southern Ontario then there were 200 years ago – with the clearing of land and the absence of natural predators they have thrived. This hoof print was beside the walkway in the Merritt Quad, in the centre of campus.

Scindia School from India Performs at Ridley

DrummersGeographically situated at the heart of India, The Scindia School is about the spirit, morals and ethics of India. Today a group of dancers and musicians from the school performed in front of our senior students in the Mandeville Theatre. Ridley was their first show on their Canadian tour and the artists received a warm welcome from our students, who experienced the culture of India through dance, song and music.Student performer

Musings from a Wednesday

Here it is March 28 and I think I heard a lawn mower on campus! This winter was so mild it was scary and spring has happened at least a month ahead of normal. Not that I am complaining – last year this time students and staff returning from March Break were greeted with a large snowfall! Today, tryouts for 3rdterm sports have begun and all practices seem to be outside.  I just watched the Girls Rugby and Soccer and Lower School Boys Rugby and Soccer on the fields. It is quite windy so I am not sure if the rowers will be on the water, the Henley course is notoriously rough this time of year.


Third Term Springs into Action

After a quiet two week March Break the campus is alive with sports tryouts, anxious June grads waiting for their offers from universities and the first Upper School Cadet practice. Yesterday a walk around the school mid-afternoon revealed islands of cadets, some wearing the sweater coat for the first time, practicing the basic moves they will need on parade on April 29 and during the inspection on May 5th.

Ridley Cadets spacing themselves

Lower School Talent Show

Ridley College Lower School held their second annual talent show on Wednesday. Students in Grade 4-8 danced, sang and played musical instruments.  There was a mixture of everything from Beatles songs to Taylor Swift.  Congratulations to everyone that was brave enough to get on stage and show their talent. Check out some clips from the show:

For information on applying to the Ridley College Lower School, click here.

Grade 11 Functions Plays ‘SET’ Game – I’m Addicted Thanks Mr. DeVellis!

The Grade 11 Functions class was playing a card game called ‘SET’ this morning and when Mr. DeVellis asked me into his class I was a little skeptical that this game would fun considering math is not a strong point for me. I was pleasantly surprised and am now a little addicted to the online version that can be found on the NY Times website.

‘SET’ is a card game that consists of a deck of 81 cards varying in four features: number (one, two, or three); symbol (diamond, squiggle, oval); shading (solid, striped, or open); and color (red, green, or purple). In order to make a ‘set’ (3 cards together) you must follow these guidelines:

*They all have the same number, or they have three different numbers.
*They all have the same symbol, or they have three different symbols.
*They all have the same shading, or they have three different shadings.
*They all have the same color, or they have three different colors.

One example of a set would be these three cards:

One red striped diamond

Two red solid diamonds

Three red open diamonds

Check out the game- it’s easier to understand if you see the game in action:

It’s a really cool game and although it looks complicated at first Mr. DeVellis assured me that it’s easier than it looks and that his two young children have mastered it- as for me I’m still working on it. The game is preparing students for a unit on sequences and series that they will tackle when they return from March Break. You can give it a try on the NY Times website by clicking here.