Ridley’s Henley Racing Ends

Yesterday, Ridley’s Heavy Eight came up against England’s Shrewsbury School in the second round of racing and finished 2 1/4 lengths back ending Ridley’s 2012 Henley Royal Regatta hopes. After coming off the start line level with their competitors, Ridley was unable to find the rhythm they had in their previous days race and were, therefore, unable to answer Shrewsbury’s steady push.

Although the crew was disappointed in not having raced a better race, they were happy to gather with family and friends later on for dinner where many heart-felt messages were shared. After hearing some of the emails that Ridley Alumni had sent along for them to read, they were able to garner a sense that in no way does the outcome of their race define them as a crew, or as individuals. In so many ways they have achieved well beyond the Schools and, perhaps, even their own expectations when this journey began two years ago. The Ridley crew is now eager to support the other Canadian and American crews as the rest of the racing progresses throughout the weekend.
Written by Coach Jason Dorland