New Faces on Campus – Ridley College Faculty

This week faculty and staff have been preparing for the new school year.  There will be a few new faces on campus this year, so I thought I would provide you with a sneak peak, so you can say hi on the first day of school!

Lower School

Ms. Harding has supply taught in the Lower School as well as with the NDSB and TDSB. She has also been tutoring in the Upper School for several years. Ms. Harding will be teaching Grade 6.



Ms. Sutherland (02′) is returning to Ridley after spending one year teaching at Greenwood College and the last two years at Branksome Hall. Ms. Sutherland will teach Grade 6 and Kindergarten French.



Upper School

Ms. Fournier will be teaching English and Dramatic Arts for Grades 10, 11 and 12.




Mr. Doyle will be teaching Grade 11 & 12 Functions





Ms. Ing will be working in the Social Sciences Department teaching Economics and History and will introduce IB Economics next year.



Mr. Unruch will be teaching Grades 9-12 Visual Arts.





Ms. Barrie will be teaching Grade 10 and 12 English, Writer’s Craft




Ms. Webster will be working in the Learning Centre as part of the Learning Strategies team, supporting both the Lower and Upper School.



Ms. Stark will be teaching Grades 9, 11 and 12 French.  Ms. Stark has a wealth of IB experience.

Mr. Oliver will be working in the Learning Centre.  He will be working with ESL- English as a Second Language students and will build a new ELD – English Language Development programme at Ridley.

Please welcome the new members of the Ridley College faculty!!

Ridley College Campus Life FAQ’s- Activities? Sports? Community Service? Which Extra-Curricular Activities are Offered at Ridley College?:

Once you settle in at Ridley you will have an opportunity to sign up for activities, sports and community service opportunities.  In order for students to earn their Ridley College Diploma (on top of their Ontario Secondary School Diploma) students must complete the following:

1) Each student must participate in a sport or major arts activity per term. This can be either a competitive team or a ‘Sport for Life’ program.  There are many sports teams to choose from during each term: basketball, soccer, field hockey, swimming, rowing are just a sampling, for a complete list, click here (use the dropdown menu for each term to see the sports offered).    ‘Sport for Life’ could include everything from Zumba to circuit training to ultimate frisbee.

2) Each student must participate in an activity in first and in second term. If students wish to do more and their schedule allows, they are more then welcome to do so.  There are tons of activities to choose from: Admissions Assistants, Magazine/Newspaper writers, Aquarium Club, International Club, Big Brothers/Big Sisters are just a few.

Aquarium Club - Ridley College Activity

3) Each Student will participate in the Ridley College Cadet Corps during the Trinity term unless they are undertaking 3 or more AP courses.

4) Each Student must earn either their green or red star in the Cadets Programme, as well as their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh.  These programs offer great leadership and bonding opportunities with other students.

Duke of Edinburgh Camping Trip

5) Each student must complete 10 hours of community service each year. IB students must complete 50 hours of community service over the span of two years.  Community Service opportunities are posted on ‘Community News’ on your pinnacle email. Opportunities in the past have included charity runs, litter pick-up, mission trips etc.

Sports run after school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  Activities run on Thursdays and community service can take place at various times.  Activities, sports and community service allow you to try new things and meet new people and will certainly keep you busy and entertained!

Ridley College Campus Life FAQ’s- The Ridley College Language

Each school has their own culture, language and traditions and Ridley College is no exception.  There are many terms that will become familiar to you during your first couple of months at Ridley, but as you begin they may seem like a foreign language, so we are here to help!

Buildings and Places on Campus:

The Second Century Building – This building is commonly referred to as ‘2CB’.  It contains the Mandeville Theatre as well as the Science, Art, Computer and Music departments.  If you have classes in any of these subject areas you will likely attend class in the Second Century Building.

Second Century Building '2CB'

A Squad– This is the rugby/soccer/field hockey field in front of the School House Building.

Berm – The fields surrounded by a small hill near the tennis courts

BOERC– Pronounced “Bork” Burgoyne Outdoor Education and Resource Centre is a farm property owned by Ridley, above Vineland.

Co-op – This is the old name for “Hanks” the school store located below the Great Hall. This is where you will buy your uniform, books and snacks.

Double English – These are rooms 25-26 in the School House building.  There is a partition that an be opened to make these two rooms one big room.

Flats – Flats are the name for Floors (2nd flat means 2nd floor)

Front Circle – The end of the driveway in front of the School House Building.

Great Hall – This is the name for the Dining Hall

The Great Hall - Dining Hall

Hamilton House – The Gooderham West housemaster’s house

Hanks – The school store located below the Great Hall

Hog’s Back – The ravine behind the school (behind the kitchen and the infirmary)

Iggy – The Iggulden Gym- the gym with the pool in it

Infirmary – Officially named the Schmon Health Centre, many students call it the infirm. This is where you will go if you are in need of health services.

Kenyon-Lett House – The Headmaster’s home, located halfway up the middle driveway.

Lower School – Grades JK to Grade 8

Matthews Library – The Upper School Library located in the School House Building

The Matthews Library

McLaughlin Resource Centre – The Lower School Library

Quad – The open area surrounded by the Iggulden Gym, Merritt House, and Arthur Bishop House.

Ross Morrow Theatre – The theatre in School House, it is often referred to as the ‘RMT’. Drama classes and Ridley events are held in this theatre.

The Ross Morrow Theatre 'RMT'

Ridley College Campus Life FAQ’s- When do I Attend Chapel? Assembly?

As a student at Ridley College you will find that you have a busy schedule, so chapel is a good place to slow down and reflect.  Chapel is on Monday and Tuesday morning from 8:25-8:40a.m. and on Fridays from 1:45-2:30p.m.  There is also an assembly on Thursday morning from 8:25-8:40a.m.

The Chapel services on Monday and Tuesday are shorter, and the focus is on life lessons. Announcements are also made during this time.  On Friday there is a longer service that is more Anglican based and there is a speech made by either Father Jason, a prefect, the Headmaster or a faculty member. Also, if you enjoy singing you may want to consider joining the chapel choir.  The choir performs during chapel and during special services such as the Christmas Nine Lessons and Carols.

The chapel was built in 1921 as a remembrance to the 61 Ridleians that died during WW I, it is one of Ridley’s most beautiful buildings.  Students have said that chapel is a good place to reflect and learn outside of the classroom. Father Jason or “FJ” as he is known is also an excellent person to turn to for advice.  There is an assembly on Thursday mornings and it is run by the prefects.  There are announcements made during this time and they are usually pretty entertaining! It is important to attend and be on time to chapel and assembly.  You don’t want to miss anything!

Ridley College Campus Life FAQ’s- Where Do I Buy My Uniform? Books? What is Hanks?

School begins in two weeks, so it might be time to think about picking up your books and uniform.  Local families are strongly urged to make an appointment with Hanks to pick up everything you will need for school.  ‘Hanks’ is the Ridley College school store and this is where you will buy your uniform, books and all kinds of Ridley gear!  During the school year you can find snacks, school supplies, as well as House and Ridley clothing. It is a favourite place for students to go during their breaks between classes.

'Hanks' For All Your Ridley Clothing Needs!

Hanks reopened today after being closed for the summer months.  The store will be open:

Aug. 20 – Aug 28 – 9am -3:30pm (By appointment only Monday- Friday) To make an appointment, e-mail Robbie Van Stralen or call (905) 684-1889 ext. 2243.  Please state your preferred date and time.

Aug. 29, 30, 31 – 9am – 4pm (Open to the public- no appointment necessary)

Looking forward to seeing everyone on campus!

Ridley College Campus Life FAQ’s – Student Leadership -What is a Prefect? House Captain?

Prefects will likely be some of the first students you will meet on Orientation Day. Prefects and House Captains are senior students that have leadership roles at Ridley. House Captains are chosen at the end of September, whereas Prefects were chosen in May for the 2012-2013 school year.  There are approximately 15 female and male Grade 12 or PG students that are Prefects.  They are committed to Ridley and they subsequently uphold all its ideals and traditions.  The Prefects role is to be the voice of the student body, to be visible, approachable, encourage and foster school spirit, establish a positive tone and set a solid example in reference to student conduct and to organize events for the entire student body.  To a great extent, the Prefect group influences the atmosphere, tone and the spirit of the school.  It is an honoured position. Prefects wear a white blazer on certain occasions.

2011-2012 Prefects on Opening Day September 2011
Prefects wearing white blazers

House Captains are equally important to promoting school spirit, but particularly house spirit. They run house events, activities and sports events, put up photos and bulletin boards in the house, supervise house charities, help with new student orientation and organize Grade 9 weekend activities.

House Captain Mixing Cold Stone Ice Cream for House Dinner
Boys of Merritt North at Sports Day



Ridley College Campus Life FAQ’s – Who are the People in Your House?

I’m sure you all know the song, ‘Who are the People in Your Neighbourhood?’ If you don’t, it’s a popular Sesame Street Song that you can listen to by clicking here.  I digress, the title of this blog is ‘Who Are the People in Your House?’ But the same concept applies, each person that lives or works in your house has a title and a job.  There are people that live in or work in your house on a daily basis that are here to help you, so here is a run down of their titles and what they do in the house:

Housemaster:  Housemasters and their families live in houses attached to the residences and are responsible for monitoring your progress and development in all areas of school life.  It is vital that a relationship of trust exists between you and your Housemaster.  Leaves and most permissions are sought from your Housemaster who is also responsible for your whereabouts.  Housemasters have considerable experience in dealing with issues that face adolescents and you can take any questions about aspects of your life to your Housemaster.

Assistant Housemaster Suzanne Wilson and Housemaster Rachael Scott of Leonard House

Assistant Housemaster:  The Assistant Housemaster lives in an apartment that is attached to the residence.  They assist the Housemaster with duties and responsibilities and are second in charge of the residence.  If you have any questions and the Housemaster is not around you can go to the Assistant and they will help you with any questions you may need answered.

Arthur Bishop West Duty Team

MOD- Master on Duty/Advisors:  Every student has an advisor who is also a member of the House Duty team.  An Advisor is responsible for keeping track of academic and social progress of their advisee and will meet regularly with the student to discuss Effort Grades and general welfare.  The Advisor plays an important individual role for each student and should be seen as completely approachable by the student on any matter. Advisors are also on duty in the house on a regular basis and are the people you sign in with during study.

Mandeville House Advisor/MOD Ms. Thomas with students at Grad Dinner

Residence Don:  A Residence Don is usually a University student or a recent University graduate.  They are on duty in the house in the evenings.  They are often around to organize house events and boost morale.  They also usually help with or coach a sport. Residence Dons are great to have a casual chat with, as they are closer to your age and are open to discuss many topics with when you need someone to listen to.

Roommate:  This person is assigned to you when you move into Ridley.  For your second year at Ridley you may get to choose your roommate.  Your roommate may be from a different country, so it is a great opportunity to learn about a new country or culture.

Chartwells: These lovely men and women come to your residence to clean.  They are very friendly.  They are not your personal maids.  Chartwells staff vacuum the floors and clean the common rooms and bathrooms. You are expected to keep your own room tidy!!

Ridley College Campus Life FAQ’s- What Will My Room Look Like?

If you are a first time boarding student you may be wondering what your room will look like and what you should bring?  Most rooms are furnished with two single beds, two desks with three drawers, shelving above the desk, and two lockable closets with five drawers. All rooms are carpeted.  You can decorate your room with posters and pictures. Your room is your new home, feel free to make it your own space.

Standard white pillowcases, fitted single sheets, and flat sheets are provided and cleaned by the school. Warm blankets are also provided. Students may bring their own duvet and pillows which they may wash using the laundry machines in the dormitory.  Students are allowed to bring a desk chair, a desk lamp, an alarm clock and one mini-fridge per room. All kettles, cookers, toasters, and appliances may only be used in the House Common Room.

Ridley College Campus Life FAQ’s- What Will I Do On The Weekend?

A frequently asked question we get from both parents and students is what do students do to keep busy on the weekends? I can promise you one thing, you won’t be bored! From talent shows to sports to trips to New York there is no shortage of activity at Ridley College.   As one of the largest boarding programs in Ontario Ridley College offers plenty of activities to keep students busy on the weekends.  There are a lot of events going on at the school that you can participate in or attend, including sports, theatre performances, talent competitions, and dances. There are also house events such as dinners, spa nights, sports nights, REACH competitions etc.

Leonard House Vs. Mandeville House - REACH Competition

At night on the weekends you can also go to the local mall or restaurants or the movie theatre (there is a movie bus that takes students to and from the theatre from Ridley). As for long weekends and school breaks, all boarding students are expected to leave campus on midterm breaks and major holidays. Various options are available for students who cannot return home during these breaks, including but not limited to a home stay with a local family (arranged by the school), optional school trips, and/or organized stays with other Ridley students (with parent permission). These options may involve an additional cost to the student.

Horseback Riding/Camping Trip in Pennsylvania

In the past there have been weekend trips to New York City, camping trips/dogsledding trips to Algonquin, horseback riding in Pennsylvania, trips to Ottawa and skiing most Sundays in the winter.  Check out the video below to see some of the weekend actitivities at Ridley: