Ridley College Campus Life FAQ’s – Who are the People in Your House?

I’m sure you all know the song, ‘Who are the People in Your Neighbourhood?’ If you don’t, it’s a popular Sesame Street Song that you can listen to by clicking here.  I digress, the title of this blog is ‘Who Are the People in Your House?’ But the same concept applies, each person that lives or works in your house has a title and a job.  There are people that live in or work in your house on a daily basis that are here to help you, so here is a run down of their titles and what they do in the house:

Housemaster:  Housemasters and their families live in houses attached to the residences and are responsible for monitoring your progress and development in all areas of school life.  It is vital that a relationship of trust exists between you and your Housemaster.  Leaves and most permissions are sought from your Housemaster who is also responsible for your whereabouts.  Housemasters have considerable experience in dealing with issues that face adolescents and you can take any questions about aspects of your life to your Housemaster.

Assistant Housemaster Suzanne Wilson and Housemaster Rachael Scott of Leonard House

Assistant Housemaster:  The Assistant Housemaster lives in an apartment that is attached to the residence.  They assist the Housemaster with duties and responsibilities and are second in charge of the residence.  If you have any questions and the Housemaster is not around you can go to the Assistant and they will help you with any questions you may need answered.

Arthur Bishop West Duty Team

MOD- Master on Duty/Advisors:  Every student has an advisor who is also a member of the House Duty team.  An Advisor is responsible for keeping track of academic and social progress of their advisee and will meet regularly with the student to discuss Effort Grades and general welfare.  The Advisor plays an important individual role for each student and should be seen as completely approachable by the student on any matter. Advisors are also on duty in the house on a regular basis and are the people you sign in with during study.

Mandeville House Advisor/MOD Ms. Thomas with students at Grad Dinner

Residence Don:  A Residence Don is usually a University student or a recent University graduate.  They are on duty in the house in the evenings.  They are often around to organize house events and boost morale.  They also usually help with or coach a sport. Residence Dons are great to have a casual chat with, as they are closer to your age and are open to discuss many topics with when you need someone to listen to.

Roommate:  This person is assigned to you when you move into Ridley.  For your second year at Ridley you may get to choose your roommate.  Your roommate may be from a different country, so it is a great opportunity to learn about a new country or culture.

Chartwells: These lovely men and women come to your residence to clean.  They are very friendly.  They are not your personal maids.  Chartwells staff vacuum the floors and clean the common rooms and bathrooms. You are expected to keep your own room tidy!!

Ridley College Campus Life FAQ’s- What Will My Room Look Like?

If you are a first time boarding student you may be wondering what your room will look like and what you should bring?  Most rooms are furnished with two single beds, two desks with three drawers, shelving above the desk, and two lockable closets with five drawers. All rooms are carpeted.  You can decorate your room with posters and pictures. Your room is your new home, feel free to make it your own space.

Standard white pillowcases, fitted single sheets, and flat sheets are provided and cleaned by the school. Warm blankets are also provided. Students may bring their own duvet and pillows which they may wash using the laundry machines in the dormitory.  Students are allowed to bring a desk chair, a desk lamp, an alarm clock and one mini-fridge per room. All kettles, cookers, toasters, and appliances may only be used in the House Common Room.

Ridley College Campus Life FAQ’s- What Will I Do On The Weekend?

A frequently asked question we get from both parents and students is what do students do to keep busy on the weekends? I can promise you one thing, you won’t be bored! From talent shows to sports to trips to New York there is no shortage of activity at Ridley College.   As one of the largest boarding programs in Ontario Ridley College offers plenty of activities to keep students busy on the weekends.  There are a lot of events going on at the school that you can participate in or attend, including sports, theatre performances, talent competitions, and dances. There are also house events such as dinners, spa nights, sports nights, REACH competitions etc.

Leonard House Vs. Mandeville House - REACH Competition

At night on the weekends you can also go to the local mall or restaurants or the movie theatre (there is a movie bus that takes students to and from the theatre from Ridley). As for long weekends and school breaks, all boarding students are expected to leave campus on midterm breaks and major holidays. Various options are available for students who cannot return home during these breaks, including but not limited to a home stay with a local family (arranged by the school), optional school trips, and/or organized stays with other Ridley students (with parent permission). These options may involve an additional cost to the student.

Horseback Riding/Camping Trip in Pennsylvania

In the past there have been weekend trips to New York City, camping trips/dogsledding trips to Algonquin, horseback riding in Pennsylvania, trips to Ottawa and skiing most Sundays in the winter.  Check out the video below to see some of the weekend actitivities at Ridley:

Ridley College Campus Life FAQ’s – How will I Be Placed in a House?

In three weeks the Ridley College campus will be a buzz with students.  Beginning at 9am on Tuesday September 4th new students will begin moving into their houses and in the afternoon returning students will move in.

Move-in day is an exciting day for everyone on campus.  By this time you may already know what house you will live in, but if you confirmed your acceptance during the summer, you will find out later this month which house you will be living in. Although we don’t have a Harry Potter sorting hat to determine which house you will belong to, we do take care to spread out International students amongst the houses, so that they can make the most of their Canadian experience. Another goal is for equal representation of students from each grade in each house. All students attend classes together, play sports together and socialize together. There are four female houses on the Ridley College campus and five male houses.   Both the Upper School boarding and day students are directly associated with a House, so even if you are a day student you can enjoy the boarding experience.  Day students have a room and are provided with a desk.    Faculty members are also associated with a specific house and complete night duty on a rotation within the houses. This provides an opportunity for you to interact with the faculty outside of the classroom, another unique feature of the school that students appreciate.

Each house has their own colours, mascot and cheers:

Female Houses:


Gooderham East (G-East) – Green – “The Crocs”



Gooderham West (G-West) – Pink – “The Flamingos”




Mandeville – Yellow – “The Ducks”




Leonard – Red – “The Ladybugs”



Male Houses


Deans – Blue and Silver – “The Knights”




Arthur Bishop East (AB East) – Gold and Black “ABEAST”




Arthur Bishop West (AB West) – Blue and Red – “Bandits”




Merritt North (MNO) – Black and Orange – “Panthers”




Merritt South (MSO) – Orange and Black – “Strongman”



For more information about campus life at Ridley College, please click here.