MGI Gordon Distinguished Speakers’ Series: Spencer West at Ridley College

Spencer West
Spencer West

Last night we had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Spencer West to speak as a part of the MGI Gordon Distinguished Speakers’ Series.  The speakers’ series is made possible through the generosity of former Chairman of the Board Crawford Gordon ’56 and wife Eve.  Spencer lost his legs at the age of five.  He spoke about overcoming stereotyping and bullying, and about finding meaning and happiness in a material world.  A life-changing trip to Africa altered the course of his life and now he is a motivational speaker with ‘Me to We’.  Recently, as part of the Redefine Possible campaign he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with his best friends and raised $500, 000 for Free The Children’s clean-water projects in Kenya.

Ridley College Tradition – Cadet Mess Dinner

The annual Cadet Mess Dinner was held Friday evening in the Great Hall.  Ten students were honoured with long service medals from the military and Dr. Lowell Scott and Mr. Nick Holmes were honoured with long service awards from the Governor General of Canada.

Dr. Lowell Scott and Mr. Nick Holmes Receive Long Service Awards
Mr. Nick Holmes and Dr. Lowell Scott Receive Long Service Awards
Ridley College Officers
Ridley College Officers

1Cadet Mess4

 A Ridley Tradition - The names of past Ridleians who were the Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major are sewn into the uniform that the RSM wears each year
A Ridley Tradition – The names of past Ridleians who were the Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major are sewn into the uniform that the RSM wears each year

Spencer West to Speak as Part of Distinguished Speakers’ Series

spencerSpencer West overcame after losing his legs at the age of five. He speaks about overcoming stereotyping and bullying, about finding meaning and happiness in a material world and how he never lost the hope or courage needed to surmount personal obstacles. Infused with humour and humility, his thought-provoking message inspires people to find opportunity in every challenge. With every speech, Spencer leaves an indelible mark on his audiences, instilling hope and strong leadership so that they can inspire others to create positive change.

Before joining Me to We Speakers, Spencer was on the Go Global speaking tour for Free The Children.  Through a keynote address and leadership workshop, Spencer encouraged youth to overcome their daily challenges, believe in themselves as active change-makers, and find personal strength to fight for the issues they are passionate about. He has also served as an international leadership facilitator in Kenya, India, the Arizona–Mexico border and Saudi Arabia, and is a recipient of the Fervent Global Love of Lives Medal of Bravery from Taiwan’s Chou Ta Kuan Foundation. And on November 5, 2011, along with his hero Rick Hansen, Spencer took part in the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay as a Man in Motion Medal Bearer.

Whether from conference stages, stadiums, or volunteer camps in the Mara, Spencer’s words have encouraged millions of young people to become more socially involved in their communities and the world.

See Spencer tell his story in person on January 29th in the Mandeville Theatre.

Grade 9 Residential Life Night


To celebrate the New Year and to take some time to reconnect after the Christmas holidays, the grade 9s met for a residential life evening on Thursday. The boys met with their housemasters and assistants to play some soccer and basketball and then shared a meal together in Williams Hall. They were pleased to welcome special guests Mr. Kidd and Ashton to their meal!


The girls met in the Lower School library for a meal and took some time to get to know each other a little better and to welcome two new girls to grade 9 who have joined us in January. Everyone had a good time sharing friendship, food, and fun. January is often a time when homesickness and worry can start and occasions like this highlight the importance of connections that the student make with each other and with the faculty.

As told by Ms. Rachael Scott- Head of Residential Life

The Houses of Ridley: Merritt North

Ridley College has the largest boarding school programme in Ontario.  There are ten boarding houses on campus, five boys houses, four girls and one junior boarding house.  Each of the houses is unique and has its own colours, mascot and traditions.  Merritt North has two traditions that are associated with the house.  In this video, the boys from MNO tell you why “It’s cool in the North”:


Designing “Blood Brothers”

A musical, a classic comedy or a modern drama are all possibilities for Ridley College’s two major productions every year.  This year in the fall Ridley drama produced “The Comedy of Errors” and in the winter they are producing the British musical “Blood Brothers”.  In the months leading up to Opening Night there are endless hours of preparation.  Auditions began in November and ever since there have been rehearsals, production meetings, and design sessions.  In the two months leading up to the musical I will be posting a series of videos showcasing what goes into creating a production such as “Blood Brothers”.  In this video Jackie and Jaime show us the beginning of the design process for costumes and the set:

“Blood Brothers” opens February 22nd and tells the story of the Johnstone twins, Mickey and Eddie, brothers separated at birth who reunite and become friends in their childhood, unaware of their relation to each other or of the consequences their relationship will bring about.