Halloween at Ridley College

It was a spooktacular week at Ridley College with students participating in many Halloween activities. On Monday evening each house carved a pumpkin during cafe. Mandeville House carved pumpkins together in their common room and put the jack o’lanterns on display outside.

Jack O'lanterns
In the spirit of Halloween students donated money in order to be out of uniform and wear costumes. Ridleians raised $680 for Free the Children, an international charity and educational partner that works to empower youth to create positive change in the world. There were some incredible costumes in Upper School, including art teacher Mr. Unruh as Vincent van Gogh.

Mr. Unruh vango

The sewing ladies and Ms. Kubu paid homage to the students in their costumes!


Instead of Trick or Treating on Thursday night girls from Mandeville and Leonard house collected canned goods for local charity Community Care as a part of ‘We Scare Hunger’.
Food Drive

And we can’t forget about our smallest ghouls in Lower School.

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Ridley College Annual New York City Art, Design and Drama Trip

Grade 11 and 12 students taking Visual Art, Design or Drama had the opportunity to travel to New York City for three days of gallery and museum hopping and drama workshops. Thirty-five students participated on the trip and are now reflecting on all that they encountered.

Since the 1950s New York has served as the epicenter for new developments in the arts, notably in visual art, music and theatre. This vitality within the creative spheres of human activity continues today, and art collectors and scholars from around the world travel to New York to keep an eye on the pulse of human creativity at the outer edges of the arts disciplines. Students encountered a field of creative inquiry that is very much alive and that continues to push at the boundaries of what defines the canon of art. They also toured private art galleries that conduct the business of art; showing and selling work to collectors and collecting institutions.
Ridley College NYC art trip MOMA Gallery

On day one, students toured the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and then moved on to view the exhibitions on display at the Whitney Gallery of American Art. Following the Whitney visit, students explored the surrounding Madison Avenue private galleries, including the world-renowned Gagosian Gallery. On day two, students began the day by taking a subway to the tip of the island and viewed the Statue of Liberty from the deck of the iconic Staten Island ferry. We then proceeded to Soho for a guided tour of the New Museum of Contemporary Art. After lunch in Soho, we travelled to the Chelsea Art district to view the many private art galleries showing a wide range of work. Students also discovered under the renowned West Side walkway, work by the popular artist Banksy.

On day three, we moved back in time and travelled north to explore the stunning space of St. John the Divine cathedral. Following this, we travelled further north for a guided tour of the Cloisters Museum, a medieval monastery recreated from remnants of Romanesque and Gothic monasteries moved stone by stone from Europe to north Manhattan. Departing from the quiet chapels of the Cloisters Museums, we made our way back to the Metropolitan Museum, passing on our way the famed Apollo theatre in Harlem. After an afternoon of exploring the extensive collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, we wrapped up the day with a circular stroll through Central Park.

At the end of a busy three days, we boarded the bus back to St. Catharines Sunday morning and drove through the Ridley gates at 7pm. The annual arts pilgrimage to New York is always an intense experience with too much art viewing to digest within the time allotted. In the coming weeks it is hoped that students will reflect on what they encountered in the galleries and museums of New York and come to appreciate that human culture is something that is made by people who are committed to pursuing a vision. This vision is created by artists, and sustained by participants who make the effort to engage with the work generated by artists. New York is one city in which the creation and celebration of art makes up everyday life.

Let Them Eat Cake! The Lower School Cross Country Race

Now you may be a bit confused with the title of this blog post as eating cake and running a cross country race don’t seem to go together, but traditionally (Ridley College is a school deep-rooted in tradition after all), the participants of the Lower School cross country race would receive a piece of cake upon completion of the annual event.  This year, the students received a brownie and fruit!

Ridley College Lower School Student

Although the treat at the end of the race is enticing, gaining points for your tribe seemed to be a great motivator as well!  Yesterday, the entire Lower School headed outside to enjoy the fall weather and get some exercise during the 111th annual cross country race. All students from Grades 4-8 ran in the race and the younger students cheered them on!


The whole school is divided into four tribes (each student represented their tribe by wearing a specific colour – hence the sea of blue, red, yellow and green).  The tribe system was established in 1925 as a way to foster internal competition and encourage participation in all aspects of Lower School life.  In the case of the cross country race, the students were running for tribe points. The Iroquois tribe had the best overall time and was awarded a trophy. During the school year students earn points for their tribe through academic, athletic and community service achievement and at the end of the year the points are tallied and the tribe with the most points earns a trophy. Ridley College Lower School Tribe

Congratulations the following award winners:

Under 11 Girls
1. Alex N.

2. Vanessa F.

3. Payton L.

Under 11 Boys
1. Noah S.

2. Tim S.

3. Emin K.

U12 Girls
1. Gabrielle C.

2. Ella C.

3. Issy T.

Under 12 Boys 
1. Owen L. (Col. Frank Reid Trophy – first overall boy)

2. Niko S.

3. Henry L.

Ridley College Lower School cross country race

Under 13 Girls
1. Nicole C.

2. Cameryn C.

3. Marlize V.

Under 13 Boys
1. Ben M.

2. James S.

3. Gleb P.

Under 14 Girls
1. Abbey B. ( Cadeau Cup – first overall girl)

2. Emme S.

3. Sarah B.

Under 14 Boys
1. Mauricio H.

2. Roberto M.

3. Riley M.

To view pictures of the award winners and more pictures from the day, please click here.