Rowing Coach Nancy Storrs Awarded Female Coach of the Year by Rowing Canada

StorrsNRidley College Rowing Coach Ms. Nancy Storrs was recently awarded Female Rowing Coach of the Year by Rowing Canada.  Storrs has been coaching at Ridley for 31 years.  As a rower herself Nancy is a two-time Olympian (1976, 1980), a silver medalist at the World Championships (1975), and has won numerous Canadian Henley and major regatta medals as a coach and competitor.  When asked about the award she said she owes a lot to her athletes Alison Whitty ‘12 and Madison Leitch ‘12 who helped her receive the award as it was based on results at two major regattas – they were in two of the races that won.  To Storrs the most rewarding part about coaching is the kids, “seeing their improvement and excitement with the sport, it is neat to watch kids see their own improve on water and on land.”   She always tells her rowers “do your best and have fun. It’s the people and the places that you will remember not necessarily the racing. In rowing, it’s about relationships, you are not just doing it for yourself, but for everyone in the boat – a team effort.”

Congratulations Coach Storrs!

Ridley College VEX Robotics Team Performs Well at Local Tournament

Saturday was a huge day for Ridley’s robotics program. We competed at the Holy Cross Vex robotics tournament along with 38 teams from Ontario (as far away as Ottawa) and one team from Bermuda. We had four teams at the contest, team 1509 (William Wang, Anakin Li, Raymond Gao, Dane Sisinni, Sunshine Wang, Henry Wang), 1509R (William van Sittert, Dan Marcos and James Gross), 1509Z (Jonah Rubin, Ming Zhang, Adam Roulston) and 1509E (Javan Graham, Luca de Leonardis , Nina Haag and Ryan Schmidt).


Team 1509 was a new design with a new driver and programmer and we hoped for a few wins.  They finished the day with a 4-3 record in the round robin tournament, losing to team 1509E in the semi-finals. Teams 1509R and 1509Z had identical records of 5-2 and finished 7th and 8th out of 38. Team 1509R lost to the eventual runner-up team in the semi-finals and team 1509Z was beaten in the other semi-final by our own 1509E team. Team 1509E was the only team at the tournament who went undefeated but had a huge battle in the finals against team 3560Z from Brampton, winning the best two out of three finals in the last few seconds with a brilliant driving move by Ryan Schmidt. Our team 1509E was the tournament champion!


Throughout the day, the one feature that set our teams apart was the programming prowess of all our teams from programmers Javan Graham, Dane Sisinni, Sunshine Wang, Jonah Rubin and Daniel Marcos. In a separate portion of the contest, Ryan Schmidt finished 2nd in the driver skills one-minute challenge. Javan’s programming skills one-minute challenge run’s score of 49 was tied for the second best this year in Canada and currently has his team ranked 14th in the world (out of approximately 8000 teams)!! Daniel Marcos also had an excellent programming skills run and he is currently 55th in the world. Overall, it was another huge success for our team, especially considering how many rookies we brought on board this year and the junior level of many of the team members. Coach McCambley and I are very pleased with their efforts.


Our next big event is the Ontario championships on March 1st with another tournament for our R and Z machines the week prior to that one. Go team 1509 go!

As told by Mr. Reimer