Canoeing in Algonquin: An Outdoor Adventure with Duke of Ed

Wow! Algonquin Park sure is beautiful in September! Last Thursday a group of eighteen intrepid students and teachers set off for an adventurous journey into Algonquin Park as part of the Ridley Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.



The trip was blessed with perfect weather, with temperatures up into the mid 20’s during the day and comfortable cool nights. The trees were all turning into the fall colours and the water was just warm enough to swim in!


The group started in on Canoe Lake and paddled up to Tom Thompson lake for the first night. On the second day the group went over to Burnt Island Lake, crossing over a 1.2KM portage with all their heavy equipment. On the third day the group set out again to do the infamous Sunbeam loop that brought them back to the same campsite.


They undertook the challenge with enthusiasm and effort crossing ten portages adding up to approximately 4.3KM. On Sunday the group broke camp and paddled out with a great sense of accomplishment and some great memories.

Written by Mr. Giles Campbell, Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator

What a Weekend! HomeComing 2014 & the 125 Birthday Bash!

What an amazing weekend! HomeComing 2014 was jam-packed and full of Ridley spirit.  The weekend began with the Governors’ Dinner on Friday evening.  Golden Tigers from the class of 1964 were honored along with Mr. Geordie Hendrie ’74 for his years of service as Chairman of the Board.


On Saturday morning, some brave souls turned up at Henley Island and participated in the alumni row.

The class of 1982 gathered to see the unveiling of plans for their class project ‘The Masters’ Way’ and were able to see the newly delivered beautiful copper armillary.

Athletic fixtures, children’s play area, school tours and an organ concert rounded out the activities early on Saturday.
In the afternoon, we witnessed a historic event as runners arrived on campus to complete the Charter Run. The 125KM journey began in the wee hours of Saturday and Ridleians participated in 10KM legs throughout the day from Wycliffe College in Toronto until they reached Ridley College. Ridley College has a deep-rooted connection with Wycliffe College. It was at an organizational meeting in September, 1888 in the Principal’s study at Wycliffe that a school for boys, to be named Bishop Ridley College, was founded. Please click here to view photos from each leg of the race!

On Saturday evening members of the Ridley family put on their best black and orange outfits and danced the night away at the 125 Bash! It was a wonderful event and we hope all who attended enjoyed themselves!

15136476588_09d9c95c96_z 15319915791_5c2ae83153_z

To view more photos from HomeComing and The Bash, please click here.

Happy Birthday Ridley College – Celebrating 125 Years!

It was a historic day, exactly 125 years ago on September 16th Ridley College was established.  To celebrate our 125th anniversary we held a school-wide birthday party for all of our students from Lower to Upper School!

Students of all ages along with faculty and staff were divided into teams, each with its own colour and cheer!  The teams worked their way through ten games throughout the afternoon.

Following the games the time capsule was buried and the entire school sang Happy Birthday and celebrated with cupcakes!
It was an amazing day full of school spirit! Please click here to view more pictures from the day. Thank you to the countless volunteers who made the birthday party possible!

Get to Know your Prefects: Carter F.

Carter F. has practically grown up on campus! He is a member of the first boys rugby team and you may have seen his gigantic dog around campus – appropriately named Hank!

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.02.06 AM

1. Why did you choose to attend Ridley College? 
I personally chose Ridley College because of the environment on the campus, also, I was living here so I knew the ins and outs of what it was like and I enjoyed it.

2. What are your plans for after Ridley (ex: university/ college/ gap year/ etc., what degree of study, living where, etc.)?
I would like to attend an Ontario/Quebec university that has a rugby team, I would like to study either business or sports studies. This would help me pursue a possible career as an athletic director.

3. What are your aspirations for the long-term future (Job, living where, etc.)?
I want to possibly live on the west coast, or in Europe and become either a professional rugby player, an athletic director, and/or gym owner.


4. In your opinion, what has been your greatest challenge thus far at Ridley?
Personally, my greatest challenge has been trying to overcome my academic/personal struggles in grade 11 and be who I am today with the support of teachers and friends.

5. What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far at Ridley? 
My greatest accomplishment at Ridley College has definitely been attaining the role of Prefect for the 2014/15 school year.

6. Do you feel prepared going forward after Ridley? 
I really do, and this is because teachers have prepared me for what is going to happen at university from learning how to take notes to participating in hands on activities in the classroom.

The guidance team especially has been helpful to me in the hunt for universities that would be ideal for me.

7. What is your favourite experience at Ridley (thus far) and your favourite part of Ridley (chapel, rowing, etc.)?
My favourite experience of ridley is definitely the sporting events, this is where the school is able to come together and cheer for their mates and we are truly able to show we are a family.

8. What have you learned from your time at Ridley? 
I have learned that not everything is going to come to you and that you need to pounce on every opportunity.

9. Who is a role model for yourself (someone you know, celebrity, etc.)? 
A personal role model of mine would be my father. He is my rugby coach, cadet leader and is a great teacher to others. He is very kind and he is also able to win the arguments that are needed to be won. He has helped me through my struggles and has brought me to where I am today as a prefect, and as an Ontario rugby prospect.


10. Why should prospective students choose Ridley? 
One would choose Ridley because of the environment that is here, there are world-class facilities at your hands and you are able to use them to the fullest. The teachers and people at the school are very kind and they make you feel very welcome. The students are very nice and when you come here you are able to fit into your social group right away.

11. Do you have any advice for prospective students? 
If you have the choice to come here, please do, it is a great opportunity worth jumping on. If you’re athletic (or wanting to be athletic), smart, and social this is a great opportunity because everything is at your disposal on the campus.

Adventures at Camp White Pine and Onondaga

On Thursday our students set off on their first adventure with their new classmates, teachers and housemates. The girls headed to Camp White Pine and started off with a Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt, followed by tons of outdoor activities including sailing, canoeing, zip lining, and team building activities.




The boys were at Camp Onondaga waterskiing, braving the high ropes course and participating in House Olympics.


14993569117_88e3e6b3d3_zEveryone returned to campus on Saturday afternoon, a little tired, but with lots of stories and new friends! Check out the video to see what camp was all about:

Get to Know Your Prefects: Sydney G.

Sydney is a ball of energy! She loves Ridley, is a goalie on the first girls hockey team and is a five-night boarder from New York State.

syd1. Why did you choose to attend Ridley College?
I chose to attend Ridley because from the first day when I shadowed a current student (when I was looking into attending Ridley) I felt more welcomed then at any other school I’d been to. Everyone enjoyed their time here and were happy and genuine, everyone was willing to help out.

2. Did you feel prepared coming to Ridley? 
I was very scared at first, I didn’t want to come the day before because I was very nervous, but from the first day I knew it was right and I knew it was home with the help of many others.

3. What are your plans for after Ridley (ex: university/ college/ gap year/ etc., what degree of study, living where, etc.)?
After graduating from Ridley, I plan to major in English and become a journalist.

4. In your opinion, what has been your greatest challenge thus far at Ridley?
I think finding myself and trying not to worry about what others think, doing the right thing even when no one’s watching.

5. What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far at Ridley? 
My greatest accomplishment has been learning a lot about myself, becoming the person I wanted to become.


6. Do you feel prepared going forward after Ridley? 
Yes and no. Ridley is very community oriented and sheltered, and I’m not sure that will always be the case wherever I go next. Academically and socially I am very prepared.

7. What is your favourite experience at Ridley (thus far) and your favourite part of Ridley (chapel, rowing, etc.)?
My favourite experience has been boarding because I’ve met my best friends here, amazing people I never would have had the opportunity to meet. Friends become family through being on the hockey team.

8. What have you learned from your time at Ridley?
I have learned the real difference between what’s right, wrong and what you should do rather than what you want to do.


9. Who is your role model? 
My mom, she sacrificed a lot for me to come here, she’s the best.

10. Why should prospective students choose Ridley? 
You’ll feel welcome and a part of something. There’s nothing like the community here, you walk into lunch and feel comfortable sitting with anyone, there is no odd person out.

11. Do you have any advice for prospective students? 
Try everything, be involved with everything.

Get to Know Your Prefects: Maciej

If you haven’t met Maciej also known as “Magic” you soon will!  He is really friendly, interested in filmmaking and hopes to be a pilot one day! Maciej is from Poland. 
Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 2.06.30 PM

1. Why did you choose Ridley?
I have family who live in Hamilton and they highly recommended Ridley.

2. What are your plans for after Ridley (ex: university/ college/ gap year/ etc., what degree of study, living where, etc.)? 
I would like to attend pilot school or the New York film academy, then I would like to travel and work as a pilot. I would like to gain experience as a pilot first, then I want to make movies. I would like to get experience in the world before to get ideas for movies.

3. What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far at Ridley? 
Becoming a Prefect! Because it’s honorable. It was a great honour to be chosen.

4. Do you feel prepared going forward after Ridley?
I feel like it’s the best place to prepare you for life, to prepare you to meet your own expectations and be successful in the world. It’s not just a school, it’s taught me how to live properly.

5. What have you learned from your time at Ridley? 
I have learned to live a healthy lifestyle and to care for myself and the environment around me as well as how to work hard.


6. Why should prospective students choose Ridley?
Prospective students should chose Ridley because of its traditions and competitiveness. You learn a lot of morals and experience that can’t be simulated anywhere else. I have never felt a part of a small community, now at Ridley I love everyone and it feels like I’m a part of the community.

7. Do you have any advice for prospective students?
I would say don’t close yourself up in your room, meet new people from every house, don’t get locked in one group. It’s an incredible opportunity to meet so many international students, you make friends from all over the world.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 3.14.04 PM
A still shot from a film Maciej worked on with fellow classmates in Film Club.


Welcome Ridleians – Opening Day 2014

Congratulations! Today you are a Ridleian!

Over 200 new students have made their way to Ridley and we could not be happier to welcome them! Flags lined the front entrance to make our new Ridleians, who are coming to us from all over the world, feel at home!


The day started off with orientation in the fieldhouse where students were greeted by prefects and ambassadors and were introduced to all things Ridley!


Then it was off to the individual houses for a lunch and meet and greet with new housemates, house masters and assistant heads of house.

An assembly entitled ‘Ridley 101’ gave parents and students an overview of what to expect throughout the school year.


The day ended with a cafe for the students (cafe is an evening gathering for students where they meet in the Great Hall for a snack and activities). Last night new students were introduced to some Ridley cheers: