Ridley Drama Presents: Ascension Day

This year’s fall play, “Ascension Day” opened over the weekend in the Ross Morrow Theatre. It is a short script by Tim Wilson about a group of ten teens at a traditional Bible camp in Wyoming in the summer after World War Two.


The play focuses on kids who are trying to find their place, some without fathers, in this confusing post war world. It is a dramatic story of their relationships within an evolving spiritual background. The themes are of self-discovery, honesty in relationships and tradition vs personal truths.
The production is completely student driven with IB Theatre students directing.



There are just two shows left – Saturday October 25th, and Saturday November 1st, all at 7:30pm.

Hands on Learning in Lower School

It has been an exciting week at the Lower School with lots of opportunities for hands on learning.

Children’s Author Visit
Visiting authorOn October 14, many laughs were heard from the Resource Centre, as students had a chance to listen to author Loris Lesynski read her collections of funny rhyming poems. Through choral reading and reciting, the students learned that poems can be played with through the use of rhythm and voice. She inspired many students to capture their own ideas by illustrating their thoughts and keeping them safe in a folder over many years because “you never know when that idea might resurface and help you to write a story.” She shared the realities of hard work and how long it can take to write, illustrate, and publish a book by demonstrating the process of making thumbnail illustrations for her book, Boy Soup. Three students were chosen to sit with Loris during lunch and write a story. She led them with literary talk and eventually, Chapter One of the book called, The Bunny Burglar was written! Each student writer kept a copy of this work as a souvenir of his or her writing experience with Ms. Lesynski.

Authentic Experiences at AGO and Science Centre
On Friday, October 17, the Grade 5 and 6 classes participated in PYP Authentic Experiences connected to their current units of inquiry.  The Grade 6 classes visited the Art Gallery of Ontario, where they participated in a guided tour of Canadian artwork, including paintings by the Group of Seven, Norval Morrisseau, Cornelius Krieghoff and William Kurelek.  Students compared and contrasted these artists’ visions of life in Canada, identity, and the migration experience.  The cross-disciplinary trip was successful in bringing together the concepts explored by students in our first unit of inquiry.

The Grade 5 class kicked-off their second unit of inquiry at the Ontario Science Centre. Students participated in an interactive science presentation where they explored the respiratory and circulatory systems. They observed real human lungs by comparing those of a healthy individual to those of a smoker. Students also got to inflate a pair of pig lungs, and listened to a student’s beating heart. The second portion of our trip was an IMAX experience. Students witnessed the journey our food takes when being digested, and many other miraculous things that our body can do!

Gr. 5 at Science Centre

Grade 8 Entrepreneurs Present Their Ideas at 2nd Annual Dragon’s Den Event
This past Monday October 20th, the Grade 8 students participated in the 2nd Annual Dragon’s Den Event!

As part of the Grade 8 geography unit, “The Economics of Development,” the students learned about the Four Economic resources – one of which is entrepreneurship. The students had the opportunity to learn more about this resource by becoming entrepreneurs themselves!

The Grade 8s were tasked with developing a product or service, and then creating a business proposal to pitch to their classmates. In each Grade 8 class, the students voted to select the top three presenters; these students were then asked to present at the 2nd Annual Dragon’s Den Event, which took place in the Mandeville Theatre. The nine presenters bravely pitched their proposals to the entire Grade 8 class, parents, faculty, and two “Dragons” – Ms. Jessica Potts of NEXTNiagara and Mr. Igor Lukac, an entrepreneur and franchise owner from Oakville.

Dragon's Den Winners

Congratulations to Jared Sloan, Jaden Kidd and Erin Broski who were selected by the Dragons as the first, second and third place candidates respectively. Big congratulations as well to all the student participants on their exceptional work, and for being risk-takers! It certainly is exciting to see what the next generation of entrepreneurs brings to the table!

First Field Hockey Travels to British Columbia!

Day One: First Field Hockey took to the skies early on Thursday morning heading out of Toronto airport – destination Victoria, BC to attend the CAIS Invitational Field Hockey tournament hosted by St. Michael’s University School and Glenlyon Norfolk School. The girls were greeted with sunshine and warm weather upon landing in Victoria and it would remain so for the duration of the trip. To mark their arrival, we ventured out into the waters from Victoria Harbour in two zodiacs and dressed in our red survival suits. We were treated to views of sea lions resting and barking at the lighthouse station and a number of humpback whales feeding off the coast. A real highlight for the girls was the sea kelp, which they pulled on board and turned into musical instruments and hand puppets. The boat ride was a thrill in itself and the squeals of delight could be heard across the bay.


Back on land we took in a little of the downtown and had a delightful dinner at Pagliacci’s (clearly a favourite with the locals) and enjoyed the opportunity to carb-load on the warm bread which quickly became ‘the usual’ at our table! It was then off to bed in preparation for our first day at University of Victoria’s fabled water turf.

Day Two: We were up early and off to UVic for our 9:00 am game. After a period of adjustment to the new surface, Ridley showed real promise and were thrilled to have the opportunity to play the game at such a great facility. We had two round robin games this day and lost our first game against the eventual tournament silver medalists, Brentwood School. The girls were led on the turf by veteran captains, Siena Vendittelli ’15 and Tamara Butera ’15.


We then won our second against The York House Tigers 1-0 with a goal scored by Emme Shaw ’18. Wingers Hannah Bradley ’17 and Emma Jenkins ’17 were strong positional players and provided fresh legs when we were in tough against this team. Clare Hearn ’17 stepped into the defense role again for the Ridley Tigers and showed great tenacity.

After a busy day on the turf, the team took to downtown Victoria to explore the city and see the sights. The girls returned to the hotel for a cozy dinner in the coaches’ suite and then went off to bed in preparation for another big day.

Day Three: This was a big day with a 5:30 wake up call and 3 games to play. The day started with a game against Southridge School where both teams battled from end to end but finished in a 0-0 draw. The d-team (defense) of Ella Foss ’16, Sarah Loleit ’16 and Ines Nannsen ’17 were instrumental in keeping the Southridge Storm at 0. After only an hour break your Tigers were back on the turf to face Glenlyon-Norfolk School. We dominated this game and posted a 2-0 score with goals scored by Arwyn Workman-Youmans ’16 and Claire Thomas ’15. Keeper Cassidy Filion ’18 earned the shutout by, not only keeping the ball out in regular play, but also stonewalling a penalty flick.


The whole team worked well together and showed more confidence in their game and in each other. This served them well when playing their third match of the day against St. Michael’s University School (SMUS). The girls had seen SMUS dominate in their previous games by posting high and unanswered scores and Ridley was determined to give them a fight. Though we ended up on the short end of a 2-0 score the girls were proud of their play. Midfielders Alana MacDonald ’15, Tayllor Smith ’15 and Morgan Mattern ’15 were key contributors with great ball skills and dogged determination.

After round-robin play, Ridley finished solidly in third place, a significant accomplishment for such a young team! In high spirits, the girls traveled to a favourite west coast hot spot, The Red Robin Gourmet Burger Restaurant, to partake in a well-earned celebratory meal. Good food, good laughs, good friends.

Day Four: We awoke to beautiful skies and achy, tired bodies as the girls prepped to leave the for the final game of the tournament against The York House School. The Ridley Tigers dominated the entire game with AnnMarie Leach ’18 and Kiana Gemmell ’18 providing much needed fresh legs at key points in the game. Despite controlling the game from start to finish and putting huge pressure on YHS we were unable to find the back of the net. This put us into a penalty shoot out. Although we ended on the short side of the shoot out the girls (and their coaches) were incredibly proud of their performance on the field. Throughout the tournament the team displayed the true meaning of unity and determination!


Tired and happy the girls bid farewell to Victoria and boarded the plane bound for home with fond memories of the west coast and their time together.

Written by Coach Scott and Coach Darby

Get to Know Your Ridley College Prefects: Daniel M.

Daniel1. Why did you choose to attend Ridley College?
My brother attended Ridley for a summer ESL program and many of my friends from Mexico also attended school here. The robotics program really appealed to me and the academics.

2. What are your plans for when you graduate from Ridley (ex: university/ college/ gap year/ etc., what degree of study, living where, etc.)? 
I want to go to college in the United States or take the University of Waterloo Business and Computer Science program.

3. What are your aspirations for the long-term future (Job, living where, etc.)?
I would love to do my masters or phd, but no set plans.

4. In your opinion, what has been your greatest challenge thus far at Ridley? 
I think my greatest challenge has been adapting to the change of living with my family to now living with friends,  and managing everything yourself. I wanted to participate in robotics and rowing, I wanted to do both, but I had to decide which one I would pursue on my own.


5. What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far at Ridley? 
I think my greatest accomplishment has been adapting to life here and feeling included and at home. Also, doing really well academically and becoming a prefect in 1 year.

6. Do you feel prepared going forward after Ridley? 
I do, much more than I did when I lived in Mexico, not just academically, but I matured a lot too.

7. What is your favourite experience at Ridley (thus far) and your favourite part of Ridley (chapel, rowing, etc.)?
My favourite experience has been going to California for the Robotics World Championships, it was a great learning experience.

8. What have you learned from your time at Ridley?
I have learned how to live with other people and be a nice guy. Academically, I have learned so much! I have learned how I treat people and how I’m treated, leadership skills. Also, you can’t sit back here, you have to make your own decisions.


9. Who is a role model for yourself (someone you know, celebrity, etc.)?
Patrick Rothus (author) is my role model, I also want to be an author. He spent 16 years in college because there are so many cool things to learn. I used to just to go to school because I wanted to get good marks, he taught me to chase my passions and go to school because I want to.

10. Why should prospective students choose Ridley? 
Academically it’s an amazing school, there are so many opportunities. In Mexico, I never would’ve had the chance to participate in robotics, drama, rowing etc. The people are great. Everyone at the school and in the Ridley Community wants everyone to do well, from day 1!

Ridley College team 1509B in a match at the World VEX Robotics Championships in California
Ridley College team 1509B in a match at the World VEX Robotics Championships in California

11. Do you have any advice for prospective students? 
Jump out of your comfort zone, meet new people even if you think you won’t get along. Try to take every opportunity and chase your passions. Be a nice guy.