7th Annual RIFF: Ridley Independent Film Festival

This year’s festival showcased a collection of films made by students in Ms. Thomas’ Grade 12 Film studies course, as well as one entry from IB Film Arts. The film festival is a culmination of the students work from pre-production to production to post-production.

Please enjoy a selection of the films featured in the festival:

‘Braking’: Drugs, a broken home, a friend, and one fatal mistake. Directed by Vaishna R.

‘Recovery’ is a mockumentary about a competitive ski racer. Directed by Alana M.

‘What’s the Problem?’ tells the story of a young, troubled boy dealing with his entrapment within a physically and mentally abusive relationship. Directed by Claire T.

‘Help me’ A young adult tries to discover the meaning of love yet struggles through the effects of a broken relationship. Directed by Brendan L.

‘Indifference’ is about the struggles of a young woman. Directed by Maciej K.

Church Parade 2015

The sky was sunny and the breeze was just right not to interfere with the traditional mace toss over the Marriott Gates as part of the annual Church Parade.  Drum Sergeant Major Alexander Matovic ’15 tossed the mace with the greatest of ease over the gates in front of a cheering crowd.


On Sunday morning, students participated in the Church Parade through St. Catharines. It was a beautiful day for parents, alumni and residents of St. Catharines to take in the parade. Well done to all the student participants!

Please click here to view more pictures from the day.

VEX Robotics – World Championships

Ridley’s three teams competed at the VEX Robotics World Championship against some amazing machines from 29 countries, the strongest teams coming from the US, China and New Zealand. From Niagara teams, Ridley’s 1509Z team was the only one selected for the elimination rounds and lost in the semi finals.

The ability to process clearly under pressure, and to demonstrate grit when hope was fading was a trait each student on the team faced and attempted to overcome. Team 1509 (Ray Gao, Nina Haag, Daniel Marcos, Elias Ancer, Javan Graham, Antonio Aspite) had the most challenging problem, finding a shorted wire buried in a metal sleeve, fixing the problem and getting back on field within an hour (for a win). On another occasion, Nina rebuilt the secondary lift between matches.


1509E (James Gross, Heather Curtis, Ryan Schmidt, Will Cowherd, Jonah Rubin, Willem van Sittert) had the least confusing mechanical problems of any team but still managed to break motors and was forced to adjust the machine after the abuse it received during each match.


Special thanks to Ava O’Toole. She made sure we made it to matches, that batteries were ready and charged, kept the hundreds of parts in order and kept us all amused (or tried to) when the pressure was highest.


1509Z (Padraic Odesse, Dane Sisinni, Andy Li, Anakin Li, Nikita Bryliov, William Wang) faced the greatest adversity, shredding gears in motors, rebuilding their main lift late into Thursday evening, suffering from pneumatics failure and overcoming the demoralizing reality of a triple loss on the first day. Like all other teams, they battled through adversity and posted a winning record in their 7 remaining matches and made it to the semi-finals of the Math division.

Every year the bar is raised in terms of competition. Just getting to worlds has now become such a challenge. Our three teams represented Ridley well before a world audience.

Special thanks to all who helped make this venture possible; from parents who sacrificed time and money to support us, Chartwells, security, admin, accounting for arranging payments and financing, and for all the support from fellow students and staff at Ridley for our teams. Special thanks to my co-mentor Scott McCambley. His effort and passion for our teams is unwavering.

P.S. We even managed to find a former team member.

OR Igal Flegmann ’13 and Mr. Reimer


Written By Robotics Coach Rodney Reimer

A Day in the Life of Ridley College Students

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to attend an independent boarding school? Visions of Harry Potter might enter your head when you think of boarding school, but what is the day to day life really like? We enlisted the help of four Ridley College students to show you what happens during a typical day at an independent school. Ridley College is home to students from over 41 countries and is located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.  In the video below, you will meet McRid W., a Grade 12 boarding student from China, Alana M., a Grade 12 boarding student from Canada, Liam, a Grade 11 day student from Canada, and AnnMarie, a Grade 9 day student from Canada.

Please feel free to leave questions in the comment section of the blog or on Youtube or email admissions@ridleycollege.com for more information on attending Ridley College. Information about applying to Ridley College can be found by clicking here.