7th Annual RIFF: Ridley Independent Film Festival

This year’s festival showcased a collection of films made by students in Ms. Thomas’ Grade 12 Film studies course, as well as one entry from IB Film Arts. The film festival is a culmination of the students work from pre-production to production to post-production.

Please enjoy a selection of the films featured in the festival:

‘Braking’: Drugs, a broken home, a friend, and one fatal mistake. Directed by Vaishna R.

‘Recovery’ is a mockumentary about a competitive ski racer. Directed by Alana M.

‘What’s the Problem?’ tells the story of a young, troubled boy dealing with his entrapment within a physically and mentally abusive relationship. Directed by Claire T.

‘Help me’ A young adult tries to discover the meaning of love yet struggles through the effects of a broken relationship. Directed by Brendan L.

‘Indifference’ is about the struggles of a young woman. Directed by Maciej K.