Get to Know Your Prefects: Johnathan A. ’20

Introducing Johnathan ’20 – a student-athlete, who truly bleeds orange and black. Check out our interview with him below to see what makes him proud to be a Tiger.

Why were you most excited to attend Ridley when you first started?

Aside from basketball, I was most excited about the boarding experience. Boarding school was going to be a new experience for me at the time and I didn’t know what to expect. I had a lot of questions going through my mind in the weeks leading up to the start of the school year: “Will I miss home? How am I supposed to do my own laundry?”. I was also looking forward to building relationships with my peers outside of the classroom and gaining a new perspective on life by learning from kids from other countries around the world. It has been amazing, and I’ve loved it so far!

What makes you proud to be a Ridleian?

I’m proud to be a Ridleian because of the school’s rich and prestigious history, strong alumni network that supports the school, and the school’s commitment to service in the St. Catharines and global communities.

What is your favourite part of Ridley life?

My favourite part of Ridley life are the spirit nights. It’s an opportunity for the student population to come together and show their Tiger pride and unite. Drums…Hank the Tiger…face paint…air-horns…the atmosphere created is electric and second to none. Both as a player and a spectator cheering on other teams, some of my best memories from this past school year were from spirit nights.

What has been your favorite Ridley experience?

My favourite Ridley experience has been the annual tradition of Snake Dance. The best of part of the event is the anticipation and excitement that builds in the Houses as we get painted and fired up to prepare for a fun night around the gigantic fire.

What is the best part of being in your boarding House?

The best part of Arthur Bishop West (the best House on campus), is the people from the top down. The house residential team of Mr. Doyle, Mr. Vasquez, and Mr. Sullivan have a lot of fun with us while maintaining order. All the students come together to watch big sporting events in the common room, which are fun events. We also have special traditions at night for birthdays. And I can’t forget to mention that we have the best cleaning ladies on campus (Patty and Emily)!

What has been your greatest accomplishment at Ridley?

Becoming a Prefect has been my greatest accomplishment at Ridley. I worked really hard this past year in and out of the classroom and am honoured to have been selected by my peers and faculty to serve in this leadership role.

Who is your favourite faculty or staff member and why?

Ms. Becken is my favourite faculty member. As a teacher, she always challenges our thinking to find the deeper meaning and brings out our best as students. I engaged in a lot of great discussions in her history class this past year and she made learning fun. She cares a lot about our well-being and shows interest in our personal lives. I have a lot of great conversations about basketball and life with her that I enjoy.

What part of being a Prefect are you most excited for?

I’m most excited about collaborating with the Prefect team to make this upcoming school year a memorable one and creating a legacy that the younger generations will remember and can look up to.

How has Ridley prepared you for the future?

Ridley has offered me great opportunities with its high academic standards and elite basketball programme that have challenged me to be the best version of myself. Its unique programming has improved my organisational skills and discipline which will facilitate my transition to university and set me up for success in the future. Furthermore, the boarding experience has taught me how to live independently and I’ve developed life skills.

What advice would you give prospective students about Ridley?

After completing my first year at Ridley, my advice to prospective students is that time management is important. Especially as a student-athlete, it is important to find a good balance between your academics, athletics, and social life and ensure that you’re always being productive. Secondly, cherish every moment you have with your friends and peers, time flies by. You’ll be building relationships and memories that will last a lifetime. Also, utilize the great resources available for extra support when needed.