Get to Know Your Prefects: Catherine F. ’20

Meet Catherine ’20 – a talented student-athlete, who can often be found skating up and down the ice in the Tiger Arena or supporting her fellow Crocodiles in Gooderham East. Read more to discover the milestones and accomplishments that have influenced Catherine’s Ridley career.

Why were you most excited to attend Ridley when you first started?

I was most excited to start my journey at Ridley and meet new friends coming from all-over the world. I was also very thrilled of being part of its very well-known hockey programme and school curriculum. Ridley College is modern and well-organized in all aspects. The second I stepped under the arches of Ridley, I knew this is where I wanted to be. 

What makes you proud to be a Ridleian?

I am extremely proud of being a Ridleian for numerous reasons. Firstly, there is no better sense of community than at Ridley College – people care for each individual’s growth and flourishment.  Secondly, this school embraces modern philosophies, and new technologies for greater learning and experiences.  Lastly, I’ve realized that this school has an extremely great reputation.  When someone is wearing a Ridley sweater, she/he will cross paths with another that knows a Ridleian or has gone to Ridley themselves.  Day-to-day, I go to school knowing that someone cares about each other’s development and success.  I am extremely proud to be a Ridleian.

What is your favourite part of Ridley life?

I have enjoyed my hockey experience in many ways – the team experience, friendships, development and success. I made lifetime friends and memories. From bus rides to plane rides, we ended up creating a strong connection with trust and loyalty. I also loved social life at Ridley – we’ve had a lot of laughs and amazing interactions during events and activities such as school dances, café, Bradley shield competitions, etc. 

What has been your favorite Ridley experience?

My favorite Ridley memory was when my team and I went to play hockey in Vancouver. It was our first trip on the plane together. We were all so excited to go on a trip across Canada with each other. We had a lot of fun while visiting a suspension bridge – this activity helped us bond as a team. We were at first a little scared to walk on a moving bridge up in the air, but then we crossed it laughing. It was a key moment for the growth of our team and friendships.

What is the best part of being in your boarding House?

Gooderham East is a very positive environment. I would say that people make G-East one of the best Houses of campus.  My Head of House and Assistant Head of House are both very positive and outgoing people. They deeply care for every single girl in the House.  They guide us towards growth, for us to achieve a better self. They are always there to help us. Also, our house maintenance ladies are tremendously caring – they assure that Ridley is welcoming and homey. All in all, G-East is a House full of trust – this is my home away from home.

What has been your greatest accomplishment at Ridley?

I am extremely proud of having won the CISAA league championship with my hockey team.  We worked so hard throughout the year to develop our skills and team chemistry to achieve this goal. On a personal note, I have to mention my commitment to play hockey at Boston University after graduation. My coaches and teachers helped me achieve that goal by pushing me every single day to become a better student-athlete.

Who is your favourite faculty or staff member and why?

There is lots of special faculty and staff members; Mrs. Postma, my Head of House, being one of them. She is an exceptional person, being very positive and caring. She is always there to make me feel at home, and support me throughout the year. Her continuous smile helped me stay positive the whole year.

What part of being a Prefect are you most excited for?

Being a Prefect at Ridley College means a lot to me, particularly to be part of this special group of students. We, as a group, are very diverse. I have no doubt that we will all bring different ideas and perspective to the table. I am looking forward to doing different activities and initiatives with this group to help and improve the Ridley College community. I want to positively participate in others’ memorable time at Ridley College.

How has Ridley prepared you for the future?

Ridley helps me to be more open-minded to new ideas and new ways of learning.  The exceptional teaching staff give me tools and responsibilities to help me be more prepared for future challenges. The IB programme is very well-structure and challenging to further develop skills and knowledge for post-graduation experiences. On the other hand, my hockey coaches help me every day to improve and have an impact at the next level, not only as a hockey player, but also as a person. I’ve learned how to trust my abilities and knowledge.

What advice would you give prospective students about Ridley?

My best advice for all prospective students would be to take advantage of all the resources offered at Ridley. If you always wanted to be part of a certain club, sign up for it, if you want to be part of an activity and it does not exist, create one. There are so many opportunities, so take advantage of them. Here, at Ridley College, we can go out of our personal comfort zone in many different ways. Always be in the moment and trust yourself. You can do more than you could ever think of. Make your experience at Ridley the best imaginable.