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Green Party Wins Minority Government in Mock Election

Canadians headed to the polls yesterday for a federal election and so did Ridley College students. They had an opportunity to vote in a mock election run by the Grade 9 Civics Classes. The classes each represented a political party (Liberal, Conservative, Green and NDP) and campaigned over the past few weeks.  Over 300 students voted during the two lunches in the upper school. A number of staff and faculty members supported the vote as well.

The results of the vote:

Conservative Party (Jon Armstrong) 25.4%
Green Party (Luis Lopez) 38.6%
Liberal Party (Elizabeth Gross) 22%
NDP (Michael Singh) 14%

Luis Lopez’s Greens are awarded with the honour of holding the minority government

Election Fever Hits Ridley College

On Monday May 2nd Canadians will be heading to the polls for a federal election and Ridleians will be doing the same in a mock election held on campus. Over the past few weeks Mr. Filion and Mr. McNiven’s Grade 9 Civics classes have been campaigning much like the real party leaders have been all over Canada. Each Grade 9 Civics class was assigned a party (Conservative, Liberal, Green or NDP) and had to follow the platform of that party. They have been putting up posters, making Facebook groups and producing videos to convince their fellow students that they are the party to vote for. Today the party leaders from each classroom presented their final speech in the dining hall and Monday the students will head to the polls!

Check out one of the videos made by the Ridley Green Party:

The Ridley Liberal Facebook Group:

The Ridley NDP Facebook Group:

Ridley College: Art and Design in New York City

The annual Grade 12 Art and Design trip to New York City was another fast-paced, eye-filling, brain bending experience for students who had the opportunity to see a wide array of visual culture spanning contemporary and historical practices. Since the mid-1940’s, New York City established itself as the epicenter of avant-garde visual art practice, and work on display today in museums and in commercial galleries attests to the fact that this bold vision is still alive in the city that never sleeps.

The first stop after arriving in the city was a journey to the top of the Rockefeller Centre, one of New York’s most historic art deco skyscrapers built in 1930. On Saturday students spent the morning at the Museum of Modern Art, the world’s most comprehensive collection of Twentieth century art. In the afternoon, the design students travelled to the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, and the art students travelled to the Whitney Museum and then on to Chelsea art district to tour commercial galleries. As our hotel was located just steps from Times Square, students spent the evening exploring the buzz of Broadway.

On Sunday we travelled to the northern tip of Manhattan Island for a guided visit of the Cloisters, a 13th century monastery built from the ruins of various monasteries in France at the turn of the century. We then headed back downtown to St. John the Divine, and neo-Gothic cathedral that claims the title of the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. After experiencing the awesome spectacle of the interior of the cathedral, we travelled to the Metropolitan Museum, home to one of the world’s most extensive collections of fine and decorative art. After the MET, we spent our last reserves of energy touring the Frick Museum, a more intimate space with an astounding collection of 17th and 18th century paintings and furniture.

The trip wrapped up on Monday morning with a subway ride to the southern tip of the island, a ferry ride past the Statue of Liberty and an hour shopping for souvenirs on busy Canal Street. At exactly 1pm we boarded the bus and were off on the long journey back to Ridley, totally exhausted and reveling in memories of a city that still serves as the epicenter of art.

As told by Mr. Nickerson

Three-peat for Ridley Cappies Critics

For the third time in three weeks, The Ridley Cappies Critics team has placed first out of 21 critic writers who submit theatre reviews to The St. Catharines Standard for judging. The first 2 articles were written by Liz Gross, and the other first place review was written by Emma Hudson, (with Liz coming second). Click here to read Emma’s review featured in this week’s St. Catharines Standard newspaper and to read Liz’s review of Bye Bye Birdie click here.

The Cappies is a critics and award program for high school English and journalism students, who write reviews of student theatrical productions.  The students are trained on how to critique a play and attend at least three productions a year.  The best three are published in the Today section of the St. Catharines Standard.

Ridley Independent Film Festival – 3rd Annual RIFF!

Apertures, Aptitudes and Attitudes: Ridley Independent Film Festival 2011

This year’s festival showcased a collection of short films made by the students in Shelley Thomas’ Grade 12 Film Studies course.

Over the past few months, students have participated in a number of workshops to evaluate the technical and creative aspects of each other’s films, their efforts culminating in an evening of cinephilia, excitement, and felicity through film. The festival showcased an eclectic array of film styles and genres, including stop-motion photography, claymation, documentary, comedy and drama.

A number of these films have been entered in the TSFF (Toronto Student Film Festival) to be held in May 2011.  We wish our budding filmmakers well as they take their next steps in their cinematic journeys.

Enjoy the Films:

Probability- Directed by Gianni B.

I’ve Forgotten You – Directed By Owen W.

Findley – Directed by Mackenzie F.

Ana, Mia, and I – Directed by Brynn H.

The Birthday – Directed by April W. & Jonathan K.

A Lovely Silence – Directed By Briony K.

Between the Lines – Directed By Kitty C.

The Bump in the Road – Directed by Christina K.

One Bite Stand – Directed by Laura R. & Megan B.

Off the Cuff – Directed by Gianni B.

Ridley College Students Participate in – The Energy Project: Through a Young Lens

This is an image of the SkyWheel, a ferris wheel located in Niagara Falls, Ont., home of one of the world’s largest sources of hydroelectric power. "This ride entertains thousands of people all year long, as they view the waterfalls from high above," says photographer Elaine Wong. "The SkyWheel uses bright, moving lights to help create entertainment for those who ride it. The visual impact of the motion and the lights also helps to contribute to the emotional energy of a visit to Niagara Falls," she says.

The Grade 10 Media Arts students are unveiling their new photography exhibit today in the Matthews Library.  The images have been submitted to PhotoSensitive, a group of photographers who tackle social issues through black and white images.  Last year, the Grade 10 Media Arts students participated in the student version of  ‘Cancer Connections: Through a Young Lens’. This year they contributed to the student version of  The Energy Project, a photographic initiative exploring facets of energy – its production, distribution and consumption as well as aspects of our daily lives that are directly affected by energy.  The photographs will be in the library today, with the official opening reception happening Friday evening at 7:30 p.m.  The exhibit will be on display until April 8th, so be sure to check it out!

This Exit sign, small as it may look, likely uses huge amounts of electricity because it is never turned off, says photographer Emma Hudson. "Even though sometimes we take things like this for granted, we need to remember that even the smallest things that we do – like turning off the lights – are enough to make an impact."
This image captures the power and energy transferred from the player to the ice in an ice hockey stop, says photographer Nick Sproviero. "Sometimes this image would never even cross our mind when watching a hockey game because we're distracted by other things. Without this transfer of energy, the game would not be possible."

CSI: Ridley College

Grade 12 AP Biology Classes with Mr. "Bio" Bob Malyk

Mr. “Bio” Bob Malyk’s class was converted into CSI: Ridley College recently as students in the Grade 12 Advanced Placement Biology class collected DNA from “suspects” and compared it to DNA found at a “crime scene”. It was a lesson in forensic science and the students found out there is a lot more to crime scene investigating than the show leads on. Check out the video from class: