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Pulse 2013: A Celebration of the Arts

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” this Pablo Picasso quote was the basis for the celebration of the arts this year.  Students showcased their incredible talent in the arts yesterday afternoon.


They showed us how singing, playing instruments, creating films, sculpting, painting, dancing and acting bring vibrancy to everyday life.  

To view more pictures from the day, please click here.

Later in the week on Friday it was the Lower School students who showed us their musical talent:

5th Annual Ridley Independent Film Festival – RIFF


Students in Ms. Thomas’ Grade 12 Film Studies Course recently showcased a collection of their films in the 5th Annual RIFF – Ridley Independent Film Festival. The festival is the culmination of months of hard work in pre-production, production and post-production. Below are three films that were featured in the festival:

‘Dolly’ written and directed by Maia B.  is about a doll lost in a world where she is the only one of her kind.  Her search for a human that may be more like her has grim results.

‘Kelvin’s Story’ written and directed by Eric G. is a documentary following the story of Kelvin, a 17-year-old boy diagnosed with the world’s first case of Birdamanoma.

‘The Sick King’ written and directed by Audrey Y. is a documentary about her grandfather’s 90th birthday as he struggles with a serious disease.

Art in the Big Apple

Friday morning, 6am. 21 students and 3 teachers depart for New York City. With only a few having previously been to NYC, an air of anticipation would have permeated our consciousness’ had we not been unconscious the moment we hit our seats.


The first and only stop of the day was Rockefeller Centre where we ascended to one of the highest vantage points in NYC. From the Top of the Rock the beauty, expansiveness and density of NYC truly hit us.  We then proceeded to Times Square.


Our first stop on Saturday was the Museum of Modern Art. The thing that stood out most about this museum was the amount of works that we recognized; from Munch’s The Scream, to a Rothko’s trademark blocks of colour, to van Gogh’s The Starry Night. Seeing these pieces on the internet or printed out gives some taste of the quality of work and emotion captured by the placed pigments but seeing them in person is completely surreal. Being able to see every brush stroke and smudge grants an appreciation and awe unsurpassed by anything else.


Our second stop at the Whitney Museum was short but impressive. We had the treat of being able to view “Jay Defeo: A Retrospective”. Unlike most exhibits where you may see a few of an artist’s pieces covering only a portion of their work and style, a retrospective gives a much different perspective. By showing all the artist’s work you can really see the changes in style, emotion, and even philosophy of the artist. Our third stop was at the Chelsea Art District closer to downtown NYC. While difficult to navigate for some, Chelsea contained some smaller, more intimate exhibitions.

More intimate than the Chelsea Art District was The Cloisters, our first Sunday stop. This off-site part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art gave us a great look at changes in sculpture and architecture during the Middle Ages. It was very interesting how different one person can be portrayed. Each of the ten sculptures of The Virgin Mary had very different characteristics; from neutral gender/femininity to differences in how maternal she appeared. The architecture from room to room showed great variation in things such as: wall depth/width, window size, ceiling shape and composition, and arch style. These differences reflected the evolving knowledge of how to build soundly as well as evolving taste in the visual characteristic of buildings.


Our second stop was at St. John the Divine Cathedral. The building’s size itself would have been enough to leave most speechless but on top of that, the entire build was a work of art; almost every inch being covered by some design, sculpture or stain-glass window. Inside was every bit as breathtaking as the outside with huge pillars reaching stories up and the stain-glass taking on its full display of colours. Next to the cathedral was The Peace Fountain, an assortment of different statues with some made by children surrounding the fountain. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is huge. Absolutely huge. As in I couldn’t possibly put in to words the amount it contained. We only had time to visit a couple of the exhibits. Some of which included Egyptian tombs, a small chronology of popular musical instruments and an After Photoshop exhibit (the artists took old/retro photos and photoshopped them). The Frick collection was set in a beautiful house built by Henry Clay Frick and furnished with key works of art from the renaissance through to the 19th century.

We started our last day with a Staten Island Ferry ride. What the Rockefeller showed us vertically, the ferry showed us horizontally. Looking like the world’s largest game of Tetris stood New York City, and Lady Liberty herself bid us a static farewell.

The NYC trip gave us more than we ever expected. We bonded as a group, experienced a culture shock, and ultimately were inspired and awestricken by the beauty of New York City and everything contained within.

Written By Jacob Toms-Boudreau ’13

A Comedy in Berlin! Ridley College Students Travel to Germany for Drama Tour

Traveling to a new country with some of your best friends over March Break, what more could a student possibly ask for? Through much fundraising and support from everyone in the school, this past March Break the cast and crew of ‘A Comedy Of Errors’ traveled across the pond to Germany. Twenty of Ridley’s theater students – I included – had the privilege to perform, travel, and form strong bonds!
Comedy of Errors Germany1
When finally landing in Berlin after an eight hour flight, everyone was tired and ready to settle in, though the minute out of the airport the mood changed and we were filled with excitement. When looking around at my fellow cast members and friends during the first bus ride to our hotel, we were astonished at how far we had come, literally and with the play itself!
Comedy of Eroors Germany3
Throughout our time in Germany we performed five different shows, at a school, churches, and theaters.  Each show was filled with it’s own unique aspects, ranging from how the audience participated to how the actors started to pick up, and interpret the show. Our magnificent director and drama teacher Mr. Sweeney even said to us before one of our performances, “there is a point during a show where the director can no longer help the actors, he can only be a mentor, and as sad as it is, it also pleases me to be able to pass this show on to all of you, it is your show now, and you may run with it, and make it your own.” At this moment of the journey we all knew that we had the ability to make the show the best it could ever be. I found that as the shows went on, we all relied on one another more and more. There were times when if someone missed a line another would pick it up, and if someone else was to try a new way to move on stage, others would move and act around them; making the whole show completely our own. While the shows that were put on by the cast and crew at Ridley had their own feel to them, the ones in Germany had a much greater feeling of “freedom”.
Comedy of Errors Germany6
Now, even though the purpose of our trip to Berlin was to perform what we had worked so hard on, we had a wondrous amount of time to actually see the country we traveled to! Visits to museums, the Charlottenburg Palace and the Sachsenhausen concentration camp gave us a new respect for history. Traveling via train, and foot we all got used to our surroundings, and used to hearing “Ridley this is us!!!!!” by our very own Ms. Fournier each time the trains would arrive.  Many of us tried new foods as well, most of us took a liking to “currywurst und pommes” (German sausage and french fries) which is a favoured snack in Germany.  As a way to say thanks to everyone we had a last (large!) meal together as a company. All of us enjoyed the true German feel at the Hofbrauhaus restaurant, with much thanks to the Gordon family for the opportunity for such a meal. It was a wonderful way to end the trip, there was great food, laughter and dancing!
Comedy of Errors in Germany
Along with great performances, amazing sightseeing, and new food there was more to the trip that wasn’t quite spoken about, but felt. All of the actors on the trip – by the end – had a new understanding and appreciation for teamwork. Many times while touring I would catch a cast or crew member helping out a fellow actor, or teacher. Not necessarily grand gestures though enough to bring us all closer together. We all gained so much from being together on this trip. Many thanks to everyone who was a part of it.

As told by Carrie Houston ’14



Ridley College Presents “Blood Brothers”

blood brothers poster-web

For the past two weekends students entertained audiences with the musical “Blood Brothers”. This dramatic, at times comical show was greatly received.  From the costumes and set design to the lighting and sound to the acting, music and choreography; students, faculty and staff worked tirelessly to put on this amazing musical.


Eric and Matt played perfect brothers from different worlds through three stages of their life and were especially humorous through age seven-almost eight! Maia as ‘Linda’ a woman caught in the middle and Iain as troubled brother ‘Sammy’ were acted perfectly.


Kaila and Chloe embedded much emotion into their performance making the audience feel for both of the desperate mothers.  The musical was infused with guest appearances by Ms. Lech, Mr. Templeman and Mr. Ash (who stepped in to the play the narrator) added greatly to this fantastic show.  Check out some scenes to see for yourself:

Ridley College has a very robust theatre program and puts on two shows per year, a classic comedy or a modern drama in the fall and a musical in the winter. For more information about the drama program at Ridley College, please click here.

Ridley College Drama Presents “Blood Brothers” – Actor Synopsis

Two brothers torn apart: one living a life of luxury, the other in the slums of Liverpool.  An unlikely pair to become friends and that’s exactly what their mothers are counting on.  Ridley drama presents “Blood Brothers” opening on February 22nd in the Mandeville Theatre.  Watch the video below to see the actors talking a bit more about the plot:

Please click here to order tickets for the show that is running February 22nd-23rd and March 1st and 2nd in the Mandeville Theatre. Note: This show may be not be suitable for a younger audience as it contains “mature content”.

Designing “Blood Brothers”

A musical, a classic comedy or a modern drama are all possibilities for Ridley College’s two major productions every year.  This year in the fall Ridley drama produced “The Comedy of Errors” and in the winter they are producing the British musical “Blood Brothers”.  In the months leading up to Opening Night there are endless hours of preparation.  Auditions began in November and ever since there have been rehearsals, production meetings, and design sessions.  In the two months leading up to the musical I will be posting a series of videos showcasing what goes into creating a production such as “Blood Brothers”.  In this video Jackie and Jaime show us the beginning of the design process for costumes and the set:

“Blood Brothers” opens February 22nd and tells the story of the Johnstone twins, Mickey and Eddie, brothers separated at birth who reunite and become friends in their childhood, unaware of their relation to each other or of the consequences their relationship will bring about.