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And the Cappie Goes to…..

It’s the Tony Awards for high school productions. Last night, Ridley drama students participated in the Cappies Niagara awards gala recognizing excellence in drama and theatre criticism.

cappies1Not only was Ridley nominated for 20 awards, but we also came home with 7 wins!  On top of that, each cast performed a scene for the awards ceremony and deserves equal congratulations for their outstanding performances.


Congratulations to the Cappies award winners:

Special Effects or Technology: Mary Sword – The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Ensemble in a Play: Camp Girls – Ascension Day

Featured Actress in a Musical: Gracie Lowes – The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Comic Actor in a Musical: Noel Cousins – The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Supporting Actress in a Play: Cassandra Mitchell – Ascension Day

Lead Actress in a Play: Kate Wilson – Ascension Day

Best Play: Ascension Day


VEX Robotics – World Championships

Ridley’s three teams competed at the VEX Robotics World Championship against some amazing machines from 29 countries, the strongest teams coming from the US, China and New Zealand. From Niagara teams, Ridley’s 1509Z team was the only one selected for the elimination rounds and lost in the semi finals.

The ability to process clearly under pressure, and to demonstrate grit when hope was fading was a trait each student on the team faced and attempted to overcome. Team 1509 (Ray Gao, Nina Haag, Daniel Marcos, Elias Ancer, Javan Graham, Antonio Aspite) had the most challenging problem, finding a shorted wire buried in a metal sleeve, fixing the problem and getting back on field within an hour (for a win). On another occasion, Nina rebuilt the secondary lift between matches.


1509E (James Gross, Heather Curtis, Ryan Schmidt, Will Cowherd, Jonah Rubin, Willem van Sittert) had the least confusing mechanical problems of any team but still managed to break motors and was forced to adjust the machine after the abuse it received during each match.


Special thanks to Ava O’Toole. She made sure we made it to matches, that batteries were ready and charged, kept the hundreds of parts in order and kept us all amused (or tried to) when the pressure was highest.


1509Z (Padraic Odesse, Dane Sisinni, Andy Li, Anakin Li, Nikita Bryliov, William Wang) faced the greatest adversity, shredding gears in motors, rebuilding their main lift late into Thursday evening, suffering from pneumatics failure and overcoming the demoralizing reality of a triple loss on the first day. Like all other teams, they battled through adversity and posted a winning record in their 7 remaining matches and made it to the semi-finals of the Math division.

Every year the bar is raised in terms of competition. Just getting to worlds has now become such a challenge. Our three teams represented Ridley well before a world audience.

Special thanks to all who helped make this venture possible; from parents who sacrificed time and money to support us, Chartwells, security, admin, accounting for arranging payments and financing, and for all the support from fellow students and staff at Ridley for our teams. Special thanks to my co-mentor Scott McCambley. His effort and passion for our teams is unwavering.

P.S. We even managed to find a former team member.

OR Igal Flegmann ’13 and Mr. Reimer


Written By Robotics Coach Rodney Reimer

Senior Public Speaking Competition

This week we held the annual senior public speaking competition at Ridley.  As a longstanding tradition at Ridley, the public speaking awards are much sought after prizes. There are three categories for the public speaking contest: Junior, English as a Second Language and Senior.  Thank you to David Willmot and Greg Thompson from the Class of 1968, and teacher Mr. Spencer Martin for judging the public speaking competition as well as Tim Griffin ’68 for his support. These members of the class of 1968 along with Chris Carter ’68 and Brian Iggulden ’67 have been instrumental in creating a fund to promote the Speaking Arts named after ‘W. Darcy McKeough ’51.’ Please view the speeches below:

Our Senior division Dr. W.H. Merritt Memorial Prize Winner is Kaliene Jackson:

The Senior division runner-up Honorable Mr. Justice A. Courtney Kingstone Award winner was Aidan Robertson:

The ESL Thomas Kwok Award winner was David Xiaochen Xue. This is a very special award started by an Old Ridleian, Thomas Kwok ’10 who was an English as a Second Language student.  Thomas competed in the public speaking competition when he was a student and thought there should be a special category for ESL students who had the courage to compete.

The Junior Division Family Guild Award winner was Monica Morcous:

Rowing Coach Nancy Storrs Awarded Female Coach of the Year by Rowing Canada

StorrsNRidley College Rowing Coach Ms. Nancy Storrs was recently awarded Female Rowing Coach of the Year by Rowing Canada.  Storrs has been coaching at Ridley for 31 years.  As a rower herself Nancy is a two-time Olympian (1976, 1980), a silver medalist at the World Championships (1975), and has won numerous Canadian Henley and major regatta medals as a coach and competitor.  When asked about the award she said she owes a lot to her athletes Alison Whitty ‘12 and Madison Leitch ‘12 who helped her receive the award as it was based on results at two major regattas – they were in two of the races that won.  To Storrs the most rewarding part about coaching is the kids, “seeing their improvement and excitement with the sport, it is neat to watch kids see their own improve on water and on land.”   She always tells her rowers “do your best and have fun. It’s the people and the places that you will remember not necessarily the racing. In rowing, it’s about relationships, you are not just doing it for yourself, but for everyone in the boat – a team effort.”

Congratulations Coach Storrs!

Let Them Eat Cake! The Lower School Cross Country Race

Now you may be a bit confused with the title of this blog post as eating cake and running a cross country race don’t seem to go together, but traditionally (Ridley College is a school deep-rooted in tradition after all), the participants of the Lower School cross country race would receive a piece of cake upon completion of the annual event.  This year, the students received a brownie and fruit!

Ridley College Lower School Student

Although the treat at the end of the race is enticing, gaining points for your tribe seemed to be a great motivator as well!  Yesterday, the entire Lower School headed outside to enjoy the fall weather and get some exercise during the 111th annual cross country race. All students from Grades 4-8 ran in the race and the younger students cheered them on!


The whole school is divided into four tribes (each student represented their tribe by wearing a specific colour – hence the sea of blue, red, yellow and green).  The tribe system was established in 1925 as a way to foster internal competition and encourage participation in all aspects of Lower School life.  In the case of the cross country race, the students were running for tribe points. The Iroquois tribe had the best overall time and was awarded a trophy. During the school year students earn points for their tribe through academic, athletic and community service achievement and at the end of the year the points are tallied and the tribe with the most points earns a trophy. Ridley College Lower School Tribe

Congratulations the following award winners:

Under 11 Girls
1. Alex N.

2. Vanessa F.

3. Payton L.

Under 11 Boys
1. Noah S.

2. Tim S.

3. Emin K.

U12 Girls
1. Gabrielle C.

2. Ella C.

3. Issy T.

Under 12 Boys 
1. Owen L. (Col. Frank Reid Trophy – first overall boy)

2. Niko S.

3. Henry L.

Ridley College Lower School cross country race

Under 13 Girls
1. Nicole C.

2. Cameryn C.

3. Marlize V.

Under 13 Boys
1. Ben M.

2. James S.

3. Gleb P.

Under 14 Girls
1. Abbey B. ( Cadeau Cup – first overall girl)

2. Emme S.

3. Sarah B.

Under 14 Boys
1. Mauricio H.

2. Roberto M.

3. Riley M.

To view pictures of the award winners and more pictures from the day, please click here.

Ridley College Prize Day 2013

The class of 2013 has crossed the stage and graduated from Ridley College.  As the name of each graduate was read so were the names of the universities they will be attending in the fall.  From Imperial College London, to the University of Toronto to The American University of Paris to Purdue University our graduates are headed all over the world to pursue their Post Secondary education.

It was a very special day to congratulate and acknowledge all of the accomplishments of our students and faculty!


Ridley teacher, Mrs. Kristine Corolis, was chosen to receive the 2013 Outstanding Biology Teacher Award. This honor, given annually since 1961, identifies a teacher from the United States, its possessions, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and Canada who has made valuable contributions to the profession and to his/her students. Criteria for the award include teaching ability, experience, inventiveness, initiative, inherent teaching strengths, and cooperativeness in the school and community.

Andrew Pace was honoured to give the valedictorian address:


To view more pictures from the day, please click here.

Ridley College Prefects Announced for Next Year!

Eighteen students have agreed to act as School Prefects for the academic year 2013 – 2014. The Prefects are the School’s strongest leaders, they are committed to Ridley and they subsequently uphold all its ideals and traditions. To a great extent, the Prefect team is charged with influencing the atmosphere, tone and the spirit of the school. We were impressed by the quality of all the candidates who stood for Prefectship this year. In particular, we are excited by this dynamic group of incoming Prefects; consequently, we are confident that Ridley College will be in good hands next year.
Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 10.20.59 AM

Ridley College Upper School Public Speaking Contest

It takes a lot of courage to get up on a stage and perform a speech, in fact as we heard in one speech it is one of the most common fears.  Nine students braved the stares of the audience and entertained, informed and persuaded us.  There are three divisions in the Upper School Public Speaking Competition: Junior, English as a Second Language and Senior.

In the Junior division, Gracie L.  won for her speech on standing up for female rights.

In the ESL division McRid W.  won for his speech urging us to take a leap of faith and try something new.

For the Senior division, Luis L. won for his passionate speech on the state of music and Eric G. won second place for his speech on how you shouldn’t lose your imagination just because you get older.

Ridley College Lower School Shows Well at Niagara Regional Science & Engineering Fair

Ridley College Lower School had another outstanding showing at the Niagara Regional Science and Engineering Fair this past weekend at Niagara College. Last night, students were recognized at the awards ceremony in Welland. Every Ridley College participant walked away with at least one award! This recognition is a testament to their commitment and passion towards inquiry in Science.


The following is a list of the recipients and their awards:

Canadian Army Certificate (Gold) – Gabrielle Cook

United States Army Certificate – Jack Hilditch

Brock University Earth Science Award – Jack Hilditch

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority – Jack Hilditch

Ontario Horticulture Society Niagara District 9 – Anthony Nguyen

Ontario Tender Fruit Marketing Board – Anthony Nguyen

Juvenile Honourable Mention (Grade 5) – Ella Child, Isabella Taliano and Gabrielle Cook

Junior Honourable Mention (Grade 7) – Callum Campbell, Morgan Wolfe, Jack Hilditch

Standard Trophy for Oustanding Acheivement at the Junior Level (Grade 7) Top School Award – Jack Hilditch, Callum Campbell, Morgan Wolfe, Anthony Nguyen

Outstanding Science Teacher Award for the Junior Level (Grade 7) – Mr. Smith and Mr. Ireland.