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Ridley Independent Film Festival – 3rd Annual RIFF!

Apertures, Aptitudes and Attitudes: Ridley Independent Film Festival 2011

This year’s festival showcased a collection of short films made by the students in Shelley Thomas’ Grade 12 Film Studies course.

Over the past few months, students have participated in a number of workshops to evaluate the technical and creative aspects of each other’s films, their efforts culminating in an evening of cinephilia, excitement, and felicity through film. The festival showcased an eclectic array of film styles and genres, including stop-motion photography, claymation, documentary, comedy and drama.

A number of these films have been entered in the TSFF (Toronto Student Film Festival) to be held in May 2011.  We wish our budding filmmakers well as they take their next steps in their cinematic journeys.

Enjoy the Films:

Probability- Directed by Gianni B.

I’ve Forgotten You – Directed By Owen W.

Findley – Directed by Mackenzie F.

Ana, Mia, and I – Directed by Brynn H.

The Birthday – Directed by April W. & Jonathan K.

A Lovely Silence – Directed By Briony K.

Between the Lines – Directed By Kitty C.

The Bump in the Road – Directed by Christina K.

One Bite Stand – Directed by Laura R. & Megan B.

Off the Cuff – Directed by Gianni B.

2011 “D” Company Cadet Appointments

Company Commander of “D Company (CC)  – Major Pip Neill- Morabito

Company Sergeant Major (CSM) MWO – Carter Filion

2nd In Command (2IC) – Captain Rachel Kulhanek

#13th Platoon (Algonquin)

Lt.            Nicholas Bahadoorsingh

Sgt.             Lucas Bonifacio- Proetto

#14th Platoon (Huron)

Lt.            Alex Hebert

Sgt.            Jack Gelbart

#15th Platoon (Iroquois)

Lt.             Annie Hinan

Sgt.            Jacob Campbell

#16th Platoon (Mohawk)

Lt.            Ashleigh Sternberg

Sgt.            Dane Sisnni

Colour Party

Lt.            Sandy Morrison

Sgt.            Ben Court

Sgt.            Luke Court

Norman C. Wins Beaverbrook Vimy Prize

The Vimy Foundation has chosen Ridley College student Norman C. to be a Beaverbrook Vimy Prize award winner for 2011.  This award provides young students with a historical perspective second to none, the annual scholarship brings together youth from Canada, the United Kingdom and France, so that they can better appreciate the intertwined history of their three nations and come to understand the bravery and sacrifice of war.

The Beaverbrook Vimy Prize competition also builds upon the legacy of Lord Beaverbrook, (1879-1964), a prominent Canadian historical figure known for his creativity, ambition, leadership and vibrant energy. Born in Canada of modest background, Max Aitken rose as a successful entrepreneur, both in Canada and the United Kingdom where he became an influential newspaper publisher, important Government minister and friend and close colleague of Winston Churchill during World War II.

Winners take part in an intensive scholarship program in Europe, participating in educational seminars and museum events, including visits to the iconic Vimy War Memorial and other historic battlefields and gravesites, in England, Belgium and France.

Ridley College Student Maddie H. Earns Sears Award of Distinction

Ridley’s entry in the 2011 Sears Drama Festival was a challenging Canadian play by Sharon Pollock entitled ‘Blood Relations.’ It is based on the historical trial of Lizzie Borden, a woman brought to trial but ultimately acquitted for the murder of her parents in the sleepy town of Fall River in the summer of 1892.

With a cast and crew of 10 Ridley students, ‘Blood Relations’ was performed at Welland Centennial School on Thursday, March 3 as part of the Sears Drama Festival. Maddie H. most fittingly earned a Sears Award of Distinction for her convincing and chilling portrayal of “The Actress” in the play. Congratulations go out to this amazingly talented and dedicated group who were involved in this production in addition to all their various sports and academic responsibilities.

The Reviews are In for Ridley’s Production of Hairspray!

The Reviews are in for Hairspray – check out the CAPPIE reviews published in the St. Catharines Standard:

“Energy and enthusiasm” – MARECHAL KOOP, EDEN HIGH SCHOOL

“Slick and Splendid Musical has it all”- ISAIAH KLASSEN, EDEN HIGH SCHOOL


The Cappies, “Critics and Awards Program,” is a program through which high school theater and journalism students are trained as critics, attend shows at other schools, write reviews, and publish those reviews in local newspapers.   At the end of the year, the student critics vote for awards that are presented at a formal Cappies Gala.

Ridley VEX Robotics Victorious!

Wow! What a day for Ridley at the Holy Cross Southern Ontario robotics championship. With over 16 schools and 39 teams represented, Ridley’s three teams were competitive right out of the gate. The “Z” machine, an experimental trebuchet style robot was unexpectedly successful. It was built by Jacob Eschweiler and Steve Docherty as an experiment with pneumatics, coached by Mr. McCambley, and was undoubtedly the crowd favorite as driver John Hejzlar fired rings all over the field.

Tyler Porter drove his machine, programmed by newly minted programmer Igal Flegmann, and did well in the preliminary rounds, eventually being defeated by another Ridley team, alliance headed and piloted by our top driver, James Curtis. James’ machine was designed and built by Steve Docherty with help from Enoch Ho and Cheryl Wong. This machine won the amaze award for the most innovative robot at the contest! Taylor Petrick programmed this machine (and the Z machine) and won the programmer’s challenge trophy, scoring the best two runs of the day. He also drove in the driver skills competition, tying for the high score of the event.

Hayyan, Cheryl, Heather and Jacob did a great job of scouting for the team, finding out what our alliance partners and opponents were capable of before every one of the 24 preliminary matches our three teams were in.

In summary, there are three competitions in one: head-to-head team competition, a driver skills competition, and a programming skills competition. Today Ridley won the head to head championship, our best machine 1509B going undefeated 14-0; team 1509 finished second, and 1509Z finished 3rd. We also won the programming skills and tied for the top score in the driver skills challenge. It was an amazing day. Ridley was dominant. Go Blacks Go!!

– VEX Robotics Coach and Ridley College Teacher, Mr. Rodney Reimer

Ridley College Valentine’s Day Debate

Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like a debate! In 1992, Ridley College began the tradition of holding a formal debate close to Valentine’s Day and this year was no different.  While Ridley debating has a long history at the school, prior to 1992 the only debate that actually took place on the campus was the Fulford Cup. Member schools take turns hosting the Fulford Cup, meaning that Ridley would host only once every 6 years. In order to raise the profile of debating, and to feature and attract students to this important para-curricular activity, the co-coaches at the time decided to host an annual debate in second term in and around Valentine’s Day. It started with a student campaign in 1992 with “bring a date to the debate” and the tradition grew from there. The topic of this year’s debate was the 1960s and its social, political and economic impact and the format of the debate was parliamentary style.   The winner of the debate and recipient of the Cronyn Trophy was Ms. Erin O.

Watch the debaters in action:

“In an age when most communication is done electronically and when people are more likely to ‘Tweet’ than meet the importance of debate has never been greater.  As well, healthy debate is the centre of our democracy and there are too few opportunities even in countries such as ours to debate publicly and properly, yet it’s considered an important 21st Century skill that remains a part of the democratic spirit…” – Mr. O’Rourke

To view more pictures from the debate: