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Sharp-Shinned Hawks Nesting on Campus

Just inside the Marriott Gates, in a cluster of trees to the west, is a large nest of branches – home to Ridley’s latest couple – a pair of Sharp-shinned Hawks.

The hawk is the smallest of its kind in North America. Their diet consists almost exclusively of medium-sized birds, and Chris Clark of the grounds department has noticed a decline in the Robin population at that end of the campus.

Given their recent behaviour there is very likely either eggs or recently hatched offspring in the nest.  These birds are great to watch especially during through the family rearing process.  We are lucky to have the hawks on campus as they are notoriously skiddish. Please do not approach the tree, but observe from the road – we would like the birds to continue to call Ridley home.


Springtime at Ridley College

I love Spring at Ridley. The Magnolia tree begins to bloom in front of Gooderham House, the students are spending a lot more time outside and the sun is shining! Today is a beautiful day on campus- enjoy the pics:

Ridley College front circle - Spring 2012
Ridley College Magnolia Tree up close
Students entering School House Building
Memorial Chapel
Green grass on A Squad

Ridley College Activities- Aquarium Club

Every Thursday afternoon after school Ridley College students meet with their activity groups.  There are over 70 clubs and activities for students to be involved in everything from knitting to working on the latest theatre production to the aquarium club.

I stopped by the Aquarium Club to see what is involved in this particular activity run by Mr. Bowen:

Ridley College is the largest boarding school programme in Ontario, with graduates attending top universities in Canada, the United States, and around the world. With over 100 different high school courses, 14 different athletic teams, and over 70 clubs and activities, Ridley has much to offer its students from 31 different countries.

Ridley College Student Talent – Rubik Cube Master

Grade 11 student, Charlie Wu has a special talent- solving Rubik cubes! It all started four years ago when Charlie picked up his first Rubik cube and ever since he has been working to solve more complex cubes. Most people have trouble figuring out the standard 3X3 cube, but Charlie can solve it in mere seconds!  He can also solve the 5X5, 6X6 and 7X7! In fact, he has entered competitions and is currently ranked #95 in the world for the 7X7.  Check out Charlie in action and prepare to be amazed:

Charlie solving the 7X7 Rubix Cube: