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Ridley College Students Kick off Holiday Season

It’s a sure sign that the holiday season is upon us. On Friday, the annual Christmas Market was held in the Fieldhouse. Over 50 vendors set up shop selling holiday goods, the Lower School and Upper School choirs performed and House Charities were on display raising awareness and money for their individual cause.

The Toronto Santa Claus Parade keep the holiday spirit with us.  On Sunday over 80 students from Ridley College participated in the parade. Watch the video below to see the band in action:

Ridley College Grade 9 Student Launches iPhone Game

Jonah Rubin ‘15, an experienced software developer, along with has released his first iOS game entitled Cheese Miners. Rubin began developing the game in July and it is now available as a free download on iTunes.  The description on the iTunes website states, “NASA lied to you – the moon IS made of cheese! 
In the wake of a massive cheese shortage on earth, you have been sent to the moon to mine for delicious, delicious lunar cheese”.  Jonah has three other applications to his credit – his next iPhone app, Polarity, is due out in a few months. Meanwhile, Jonah is enjoying his first year at Ridley and plans to be involved in the Robotics activity. His long-range plan is to be a tech entrepreneur – and he is well on his way!

Storm Update: Ridley College is open today, and regular classes are in session

Ridley College is open today, and regular classes are in session. Environment Canada has ended the wind warning for St. Catharines, however high winds continue to persist in the Niagara region. Therefore, Day students should consider the weather conditions before travelling to school today. Please note that the Grimsby bus will run as scheduled.

If you will not be attending school, please notify Mrs. Gillespie (extension 2238) in Lower School, or Mrs. Hutton (extension 2276) in Upper School.

Athletic events may be affected, and we will post updates in this space as they become available. If you have any other concerns or questions about Athletics, please call Lori Schultz or Anne Kravchenko at extension 2235.

Storm Precautions

Ridley College has implemented a severe weather plan for the next 48 hours.  Effective 3:45pm this afternoon, Monday, 29 October, all afternoon and evening activities, house meetings, athletics, and rental bookings are cancelled.

Day students should be picked up immediately at 3:45pm.  Students who are not picked up will be required to report to their Upper School House.  All off-campus Faculty and Staff should leave campus at this time.

Presently, it is uncertain if classes and school activities will resume tomorrow.  Families and students should access one of the following locations for updates and more information:

  1. Community News, accessed via student emails.
  2. As we are able, another email pushpage will be sent before 6:30am tomorrow morning.
  3. As we are able, updates will be posted to our website at
  4. If power is out, our phone system will remain operational.  Voicemail updates may be retrieved by calling the main school number at 905-684-1889.

Our primary concern is for the safety of our students.  Ridley College encourages parents to monitor the conditions in your immediate area and use your best judgment regarding whether or not to travel to campus.

Ridley College House Captains 2012-2013

Today the House Captains for the 2012-2013 school year were announced!  House Captains are a select group of Grade 12 students, appointed by the Housemaster, responsible for organizing events and assisting in the daily routines of their House. Typically, House Captains meet with their Housemaster once a week to set goals, plan House meetings, and lead community service and environmental initiatives. House Captains are responsible for the orientation of new students into the dorms and making the House feel like a home.

2012-2013 House Captains

Arthur Bishop East – Mr. G. Park

Amnan Azly

Chuma Azoba

Jacob Toms Boudreau

Jonathan Pile

Arthur Bishop West – Mr. D Darby

Brandon Bravo

Bryson Cook

Koichiro Kurata

Francois Le Roux

Luis Lopez Guzman

Andrew Park

Animesh Pattoo

Dean’s House – Mr. S. Beatty

Caleb Docherty

Raj Hemrajani

Sidney Hutton

Ramez Maximous

David Yang

Gooderham East – Ms. H. Cousins

Courtney Arseneau

Heather Petrick

Leah Rasmussen

Mirielle Theis

Gooderham West – Mrs. B. Filion

Carla Aspite Fermin

Anna Breun

Emma Hudson

Catherine Marot

Nathalie Pringle

Leonard – Ms. R. Scott

Franka Böckmann

Eliza Coffin

Jennifer Dillon

Chinekwu Osakwe

Maggie Smith

Annabel Umeh

Mandeville – Ms. S. Thompson

Alice Bachmann

Meghan Konkle

Shayda Shivafard

Marissa Steinbergs

Laura Voigtlânder

Audrey Yang

Merritt North – Mr. K. Hutton

Christian Harper

Brian Kim

Jacob Lucier

William Nicholson

Oseremhen (Ossy) Okoyomon

Jaime Pi Rodriganez

Alexander Shuren

Merritt South – Mr. B. Amyote

Jan Philip Bernius

Erik Danecker

Calen Healey

Ritchard Hoeft

Frank Li


Ridley College Opening Day 2012

Today students from 36 different countries arrived to move into their new home at Ridley College.  It is an exciting day filled with meeting new friends and getting acquainted with the campus.

Ridley College students arriving on campus - unpacking

Flags lined the front circle welcoming students from all over the world.  Senior students were waiting outside their houses to help new members of the house move in.

Prefects helping students register

Headmaster Mr. Ed Kidd meeting with families

Mr. Kidd met with new parents and introduced the Ridley College Leadership team:

Tonight students will meet in their houses where they will get to know their advisors and duty team, have dinner together in the Great Hall and then will come back to the house to go on campus tours and to look up their schedule for their first day of classes tomorrow.

Photos taken by Ms. Anne Kubu

New Faces on Campus – Ridley College Faculty

This week faculty and staff have been preparing for the new school year.  There will be a few new faces on campus this year, so I thought I would provide you with a sneak peak, so you can say hi on the first day of school!

Lower School

Ms. Harding has supply taught in the Lower School as well as with the NDSB and TDSB. She has also been tutoring in the Upper School for several years. Ms. Harding will be teaching Grade 6.



Ms. Sutherland (02′) is returning to Ridley after spending one year teaching at Greenwood College and the last two years at Branksome Hall. Ms. Sutherland will teach Grade 6 and Kindergarten French.



Upper School

Ms. Fournier will be teaching English and Dramatic Arts for Grades 10, 11 and 12.




Mr. Doyle will be teaching Grade 11 & 12 Functions





Ms. Ing will be working in the Social Sciences Department teaching Economics and History and will introduce IB Economics next year.



Ms. Barrie will be teaching Grade 10 and 12 English, Writer’s Craft




Ms. Webster will be working in the Learning Centre as part of the Learning Strategies team, supporting both the Lower and Upper School.



Ms. Stark will be teaching Grades 9, 11 and 12 French.  Ms. Stark has a wealth of IB experience.

Mr. Oliver will be working in the Learning Centre.  He will be working with ESL- English as a Second Language students and will build a new ELD – English Language Development programme at Ridley.

Please welcome the new members of the Ridley College faculty!!