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Ridleians of Distinction: Josie Ho ’90

Throughout the summer, we will be profiling Ridleians of Distinction every Wednesday! Many of you may wonder what happens to our Ridley graduates when they leave the Ridley gates. We can tell you that Ridley graduates are living all over the world and are doing amazing things. We are very proud of all our Old Ridleians!

Josie Ho '90 in the American film 'Contagion'
Josie Ho ’90 in the American film ‘Contagion’

Josie Ho ’90 is from Hong Kong. She has played many roles since entering show business as a pop singer in 1994, followed by her acting debut in Victory. She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in both the Golden Horse Award and Hong Kong Film Award for Purple Storm, but won her first award at the 9th Golden Bauhinia Award for Forever and Ever. In 2000, she won Best Supporting Actress again for ”Naked Ambition” in the 23rd annual Hong Kong Film Awards. Ho has also acted in American films, “Contagion” and “Open Grave.”

To view a complete list of Ridleians of Distinction or to nominate a Ridleian of Distinction, please click here.

What Will My Room Look Like? What Should I Bring to Boarding School?

Hello newly enrolled students! We hope you are getting excited for September – we are looking forward to your arrival! As the summer weeks roll on we thought you might be starting to wonder what your room will look like and what you should bring for your room. Not to worry! Our summer student Liz is here to help, below you will find a video with a few tips on what you might want to bring on move-in day!

Get to Know Your Prefects: Arwyn ’16

Arwyn volunteering in El Salvador

Arwyn is very involved in life at Ridley. She has been a member of the Ridley family since Lower School, she is part of the debating team, plays field hockey and has been a part of a two service trips with Habitat for Humanity.

1. Why did you choose Ridley?
Being as I am a local student I’ve always been aware of Ridley. I knew it was a school, that it required a uniform and I knew that the mascot was a tiger. As a 8 year old the latter was all that mattered to me. I dragged my parents out to have a tour of the school thinking I’d leave with a new stuffed animal tiger, but left with a love for the campus and Ridley itself. After that tour I began looking into all the Ridley had to offer and set my heart on accepting the challenge that Ridley would be. I wanted to push myself academically, but also as a person, to ensure I was well rounded and knowledgeable. Ridley offered challenge but also opportunity and so it was the school for me.

2. What are your plans after graduation?
After graduation I’m hoping to major in International relations with a minor in history and then pursue a law degree. I’m still looking at various universities both in Canada and the United Kingdom and trying to work on narrowing down my list of choices.

3. Who is your favourite faculty member and why?
Ridley is full of wonderful teachers who care about their students and who have helped to shape the young lady I am today. However my two favourite courses have been History and English as I’ve had teachers in these courses who have not only challenged me, but have brought me joy in learning. In these subjects I’ve had three teachers that have truly pushed me to reach my full potential.. Mr. Templeman, Mr. Dunkley and Mrs. Roud have all been teachers that have had a true impact on me as a student and have allowed me to be the best I can be in these areas of study.

4. What has been your greatest challenge thus far at Ridley?
Ridley, at times, becomes a balancing act between sports, school, social life, clubs, and extracurricular activities. My biggest challenge has been finding a healthy way to involve myself in as much as possible at the school without going completely insane. Ridley has so much to offer and one of the hardest things is accepting that you can’t do it all. Although Ridley really encourages involvement at some point you have to realize that one person simply can’t be in every single part of Ridley and that in itself has been a real challenge for me.

Arwyn debating

5. What has been your favourite Ridley experience?
I’ve had a fantastic experience with Ridley’s service program. Ridley has allowed me to prepare myself for my own future through these trips. In Grade Nine I traveled to El Salvador for a Habitat for Humanity service trip with a small group of Ridleians and upon leaving I actually felt as if I had made a difference in the lives of the people we built for. These trips allow students to let go of selfishness and see how gratitude can be the greatest gift. To truly engage in service like this has allowed all of us who participated to better understand what it means to meaningfully and selflessly transform our globe. Through this opportunity I have experienced the real world and have gained some new perspectives and understandings of our place in this world and how we can further bring justice to those who most need it.

6. Favourite part of Ridley?
One of my favourite things about Ridley is the house system. I love Leonard house and I have so much spirit and pride for my house and the girls in it. This is one of my favourite aspects of Ridley as it brings us closer as a community and broadens the experience we all have here.

Leonard House Girls at Sports Day
Leonard House Girls at Sports Day

7. What advice would you give prospective students about Ridley?
The best advice I can give to prospective students is to join our community. It is not a choice you will ever regret. Whether you join us for 1 year or 7 like me, Ridley will change you and your life for the better. There are so many opportunities to grasp and so much to be involved in. Ridley will challenge you in ways you didn’t think possible, but at the same time will support you the whole way through, which is why it is the right school for everyone. Coming into my senior year I can honestly say I am a different and better person for coming here and I wouldn’t be the same if Ridley hadn’t been a part of my life.

Arwyn tackling versus The York House School
Arwyn tackling versus The York House School


Meals at Ridley College – A Vegetarian Perspective

Our summer student Liz, is a Ridley Graduate and just so happens to be a vegetarian. Liz shares her thoughts on Ridley food for you in this blog post:

It can be a challenge to make healthy food choices without sacrificing tasty student staples. This can be further complicated with things like food allergies and other dietary restrictions.  That said, as a vegetarian and former Ridley student, I know that Great Hall offers something for everyone.

Chartwells is Ridley’s food service provider, and their team works with the Ridley community by fueling students and staff to perform at their best and encouraging healthy choices.  Chartwells will often post information throughout the dining hall about things like sustainable food sourcing to explain how the elements of wellness, environment, supply chain, and the community are interconnected.  Ridley has also hosted guest nutritionists and chefs like Corbin Tomaszeski from the Food Network for presentations on healthy eating to staff and students.

2015-02-20 08.37.33Diners can access the daily menu through the Ridley website by clicking here.  The daily menu will include options in both the Upper and Lower School dining halls (William’s Hall is where Lower School students go to eat).  Menu options are also posted directly outside the Great Hall for students and staff to check during the academic day.  There’s always excitement in the air when the menu features a student favourite – especially when it’s chicken parm.  Every lunch and dinner will feature both a hot regular and vegetarian meal option.  For example, one day’s meal menu in the Upper School might look something like this:


  • Farm-fresh eggs, fried or boiled
  • Sausage
  • Waffles with berries and syrup


  • Shepherd’s pie
  • Roast potatoes
  • Vegetable of the day
  • Cheese-stuffed tortellini with creamy wild mushroom sauce
  • Sticky rice
  • Dessert: fresh, seasonal fruit


  • Teriyaki chicken
  • Thai fried rice
  • Vegan strips with pasta
  • Vegetarian pad thai
  • Sticky rice
  • Dessert: brownies

In addition to the hot option, there’s also a fully-stocked sandwich bar, salad bar, toaster station, and two soup/stew options (standard and vegetarian/vegan) available at lunch and dinner.  For breakfast, there is always oatmeal, yogurt, cereals, fruit, and toast. Throughout the day, Ridley staff and students can grab a coffee or tea from a station at the back of the Great Hall, and snacks like fruit and granola bars are available at morning break and in the afternoon once classes have finished.

At the sandwich and salad bars, toppings tend to rotate through the week so there’s always variety.  These options can be more easily customized, making them a great choice for vegetarians or diners with other dietary restrictions.  Some students and staff are especially talented when it comes to making inventive and delicious salads, sandwiches, or wraps.  A big salad with lots of toppings (and Paula’s amazing hummus!) was my go-to lunch as a Ridley student.

The anatomy of a delicious Ridley salad! #GreatHallGreatFood

A video posted by Ridley College (@ridleycollege) on

Even as a day student, I usually ate three meals a day on campus.  I would arrive at school early, in good time for breakfast, and would have dinner before evening study and activities.  Students are usually hungry after a late afternoon sports practice, robotics session or dramatic rehearsal anyway, so it makes sense to grab dinner in the Great Hall.

2015-02-19 11.38.05Students and visitors will often remark that Ridley and especially the Great Hall feels a lot like Hogwarts, the school of magic from Harry Potter.  It probably has something to do with the lofty ceilings, school uniforms, and hanging portraits of past Headmasters and Board Chairs.  In any case, the Great Hall is a central location for the Ridley and is an excellent place to enjoy a meal, snack or conversation with friends.

Great Weekend in Sports for Ridleians

Our Rowers competed at the Head of the Charles this past weekend in Boston. Madison Leitch and Alison Whitty (Bow) started 21st and finished 5th in the Junior Women’s event.

Austin Bald (Bow) and Connar Boyd started 16th and finished 8th in the Junior Men’s event. Both crews rowed very well and were pleased with their races.

The First Girls Basketball team took home a silver medal in the St. Catharines Collegiate Basketball tournament.  The girls lost in the final to A.N. Myer 53-31.  Ainsley Camroux-Peacock lead the Tigers with 11 points, Laura Voigtlander added 9, 5 assists and one steal and Emma Rigg had a team-high 4 rebounds.

The First Girls Hockey team won a gold medal at the Mercyhurst Invitational in Erie, PA after a 1-0 shutout of NAPHA rival Gilmour Academy in the championship game.

The U13 soccer team made the semi-finals of the CAIS Championship that was hosted at Ridley, but were defeated by the undefeated and eventual tournament winners – UCC. Second place went to St. Andrew’s.  The teams third place finish was one of the best in Ridley’s 36 year association with the tournament.

Ridley Hosts U13 CAIS Soccer Tournament

Ridley vs Glenlyon-Norfolk School from Victoria, BC

Fifteen Under 13 Soccer teams from across Canada have made their way to Ridley College for the CAIS (Canadian Association of Independent Schools) Soccer tournament.  Ridley has been preparing for this tournament for a year and we are happy to be hosting students and coaches from all the schools, in fact many of the students are billeting with Ridley families. The tournament began today and will run until Saturday.

Fans cheering on Ridley

Ridley played their first game this morning and turned a 2-0 win over Ashbury.  In their second game they won 2-0 over West Point Grey Academy.  Their last game was at 3pm today.

West Point Grey Academy from Vancouver, BC Vs. Ashbury College from Ottawa, ON

For the tournament schedule and results click here.