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3D Movie Filmed on Ridley Campus!

About a week ago, Ridley College was transformed into a movie set with trailers, lighting and cameras all over campus. It was all for the filming of ‘Dead Before Dawn’ – a fast paced adventure comedy that follows a bunch of college kids as they accidentally unleash an evil curse that causes people to kill themselves and turn into Zombie Demons, AKA ZEMONS!!! It’s Canada’s first 3D Feature Film. The film is funded by TELEFILM Canada (The Federal Government Feature Film Program). Emmy winner Christopher Lloyd recently joined the cast that includes Devon Bostick and Martha MacIsaac.
Devon Bostick plays Casper Galloway – you might recognize him from ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ (check out Ridley in the background):

Official Cast Reveal # 2 from Wango Films on Vimeo.

Martha MacIsaac plays Charlotte Baker. MacIsaac played Becca in ‘Superbad’ and Paige in ‘The Last House on the Left’:

Day 4 Actress Reveal! from Wango Films on Vimeo.

Filming took place in 2CB, the Library, outside of the Iggulden gym and the quad area by Merritt and AB houses.

The film is directed by April Mullen and was written by Tim Doiron and is co-produced by the duo. ‘Dead Before Dawn’ is due out next year. For more information about the film check out their website:

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