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Ridley College Upper School Cross Country Race

Every year Ridley College holds a Cross Country race for all Upper School students.  It’s the longest-standing sporting event at the school.

Start of Senior Boys Race

The race was held yesterday and we could not have asked for better weather- what a beautiful fall day!  Some of our faculty members were reminiscing about when they were students at Ridley and ran the race.  One said it snowed his last race and another said her classmates would hose down the hogs back – the hill behind the school, so it would be muddy and slippery to climb – one might say the students had it easy yesterday!!

Winners of the Senior Girls Race
Mr. Templeman and Mr. Martinez Final Dash Towards the Finish Line

To view more pictures from the Cross Country race click here!

Ridley College Senior Girls Cross Country Team Competes in OFSAA

Senior Girls Cross Country OFSAA Qualifiers

The senior girls Cross Country team travelled to Ottawa this weekend for OFSAA. It was a beautiful sunny day, little wind and about 8˚C, pretty awesome for November in the Nations Capital. The girls faced tough competition but ran well, 3 of the team members had been brought up from Junior to run as a Senior team. (5 km distance). There were 246 runners in the senior girls race. The results for our girls are as follows:

Sara I: 105th 22:04
Heather P: 125th 22:30
Madi M: 151st 22:55
Jacqueline O: 167th 23:15
Olivia K: 185th 23:37

The Ridley team placed 23rd out of 39 teams.