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Ridley Students Travel to Ottawa for Remembrance Day Ceremonies

Ayoub Zubairi and Andrew Park with Dr. Kavanagh, founder of Operation Veteran

Two Ridley College students travelled to Ottawa with Ms. Roud for a special Remembrance Day experience. Andrew Park ’13 and Ayoub Zubairi ’12 participated in Remembrance Day ceremonies on Parliament Hill with 250 other students from across Canada as part of a program called Operation Veteran.  They attended the ceremonies at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, met with Veterans, and explored artifacts in the war museum. Operation Veteran is a program that helps raise money to provide hot meals for veterans who visit the Canadian War Museum and brings children to Ottawa for Remembrance Day. This is the first year that Ridley College has participated in Operation Veteran.  Zubairi and Park were interviewed by Global News about what they thought about the experience, “Just because time goes by doesn’t make it any less significant,” said 17-year-old Ayoub Zubairi, who attends Ridley College in St. Catherine’s, ON. “Just because what they did was before we were alive doesn’t mean it wasn’t for us.” Zubairi’s classmate, Andrew Park, said the service motivated him to go home and get more involved in Remembrance activities in his own city. “It makes you really proud to be Canadian and all we can be proud of,” he said. “I don’t think I’ll look at a Remembrance Day service the same way I used to.” To read complete article on Global News, click the link: Global News | A new generation remembers Canada’s heroes

Remembrance Day – Ridley Remembers

Today students gathered in the Memorial Chapel for Remembrance Day.  It’s a fitting place for the ceremony as the chapel is a memorial to 61 Old Ridleians that fought and died in WW I.

For students this is a day to reflect, to hear the names of 144 Ridleians who were killed during WWI & WWII and to remember that these Ridleians, who weren’t that much older than they are now, went on to become soldiers. They walked the same halls that the students walk now and lived in the same houses. They fought and died so we could be free. Lest we forget.

To view more pictures from today, click here.

Ridley College War Souvenir a Reminder of Our Fallen Soldiers

Today Mr. Paul Lewis – our archivist and Grade 12 student Gianni B. who is also the Commanding Officer of the Ridley College Cadet Corps. are featured in an article in the St. Catharines Standard and the Niagara Falls Review.  The article is about the German Howitzer – the World War One war trophy that is under the flagpole by School House. The field piece has been on campus since the early 1920s and although it may seem like a permanent fixture Mr. Lewis tells Don Fraser that it holds much more significance than just being a monument on campus:



Also, take a look at the video that I made with Mr. Lewis, it will put a visual to what was written in the article: