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Ridley Celebrates 126 Years!


On September 16th, 2015, Ridley College celebrated it’s 126th birthday! All of our students joined together for an afternoon of games, laughs and delicious cupcakes – all to honour our beloved school.

Students donned colourful shirts that were wonderfully designed by the Cook sisters – Chloe (gr. 6) and Gabrielle (gr. 8). The Ridleians were then divided into teams, all of which rotated from station to station, competing in balance games, playing life-size Hungry, Hungry Hippo and cheering all the way to the end. To finish the festivities off, the Prefects led a school-wide pep rally in preparation for tonight’s Snake Dance. After which, teams were treated to cupcakes!

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It was a day filled with smiles, that truly showed how proud Ridleians are of our beloved school and its history.

To see all the photos from the 126th birthday celebration, click here for Ridley’s official Flickr page!

Happy birthday, Ridley!

Lower School Cross Country Race

The Lower School held their annual Cross Country Race for students in Grades 4-8. 

This year 119 students participated.  Our younger students were the cheerleaders shouting words of encouragement and offering up high fives along the route of the race.  

It was an unseasonably warm day – perfect for a run! 

The results for the race are as follows:

U11 Girls

1      Nicole Cappellazzo

2      Cameryn Cappellazzo

3      Marlize Van Sittert

U11 Boys

1      Manqoba Phakathi

2      Garrett Bowley

3      Nicholas Pavlika

U12 Girls

1      Abbey Bowley

2      Faith Bell

3      Kiana Gemmell

U12 Boys

1      Jack Hilditch

2      Callum Campbell

3      Paul Rosenbaum

U13 Girls

1      Liana Biktimirova

2      Hannah Bradley

3      Sophia Seguin

U13 Boys

1      Sam Court

2      Will Cowherd

3      John Andrew Kit

U14 Girls

1      Fionna Stevenson

2      Ella Foss

3      Arianna Gadinger

U14 Boys

1      Romaeo D’Intino

2      Brett Erskine

3      John Drake

Boys Overall Winner – Reid Trophy: Romaeo D’Intino

Girls Overall Winner – Cadeau CupAbbey Bowley

The winning tribe was: Mohawk

To view more pictures from the race click here!

Snake Dance 2011

As soon as school’s over on Friday afternoon, orange and black start creeping in around the campus, first in the form of hats, scarves, shirts, shorts, socks, shoes, and all manner of normal clothing, and then slowly but surely on to eyes, ears, noses and toes…

And then the madness in the houses starts after the basketball game. Someone breaks out paint, and then another person, and another, first walking then running up and down the stairs from one floor to the next, passing each other looking perfectly normal on the way in, but like wild men on the way out! The frenzy builds up, paint is passed around, the floor starts to accumulate overspill in the form of a gooey mass like an oil tanker gone wrong…

Video by Anna Breun, Grade 11






Some prefer a conservative approach, choosing to swipe some Ridley stripes down the side of their cheeks and muss up their hair a little bit. Others want a more aggressive look, and so sported orange and black daubs over various parts of the body.  The artists within us do handprints, and sacrifice our school neckwear and bowler hats for the cause. And then there’s the approach favored by the large majority, which is the brutally effective but also brutally blunt splattering, smattering, and smearing black and orange paint all over!

The snake is off! Everyone running and trying very hard to scream and shout at the same time, houses joining one by one as the shrill screeches of girls merge with the deep bellows of the boys, and around the fields we go, slipping and sliding through the grass and muddy puddles fresh from the rain, some braving powerslides or even a few strokes in a particularly deep one. Encircling the fire pit, the noise is tremendous, one can’t hear anything but the screams of those on either side. “LIGHT THE FIRE! LIGHT THE FIRE!”










Eventually, after what seems like an eternity, the torches arrive, and the prefects lead a screaming and shouting and general mayhem session of what is certainly longer than one’s average Sunday morning sleep-in with the help of a hosepipe, and the sheer intensity of the moment, which out-powers even that of the extremely scintillating jazz band rehearsals.

Then, fireworks, everyone still screaming and shouting but completely mute at the same time, on account of their voice having excused themselves until tomorrow morning…









And then, slowly and reluctantly, everyone trudges back to their respective houses, ready to begin the long and arduous task of cleaning up themselves, cleaning up the washrooms, cleaning up the trash, and then stuffing down pizza. Water black as the night sloshing about in the basements, laughing at where we’ve failed to scrub paint off ourselves, laughing at which surfaces people actually managed to get paint onto…

So ends another day at Ridley College. That, my friends, is the SNAKE DANCE!

As told by Sam Wolski, Grade 11 student


Snake Dance: ARE YOU READY!!??

Singing, dancing, a HUGE bon fire and orange and black as far as the eye can see – it can only mean one thing – it’s Snake Dance! If this is your first year at Ridley you are probably wondering what this event is all about. Snake Dance is a Ridley tradition that has been around since the 1940s! Students dress in school colours and sing school songs around a huge bon fire on campus! It’s a lot of fun and a great way to show school spirit, but you still might have some questions….so I enlisted the help of a few students to come up with some tips for Snake Dance:

  1. Paint alone is not enough, even if it seems like it covers everything… a shirt and some pants are a necessity.
  2. Get into the spirit of things – wear as much orange and black as possible and be creative with your outfit!!
  3. Stock up on tea and honey for the day after…or say goodbye to your voice right now.
  4. Make sure to shower right after snake dance ends. Or you will be the one person on Monday morning with a tiger paint paw on your cheek.
  5. Don’t wear shoes or your school tie to snake dance. You might not recognize them after.
  6. Even though it’s called snake dance, there are no snakes involved. Only some Ridley tigers….
  7. Stay behind the rope – unless you want this night of fun to be your last for awhile.
  8. Bring a waterproof camera and take lots of pictures.
  9. Have fun – Snake Dance is a memorable event at Ridley and participating makes you a true Ridleian.
  10. If you come back sweaty, wet and paint even in your mouth, then you did everything right.
*Tips provided by Anna B., Grade 11 student
Snake Dance - clothing 'DON'T!' As demonstrated by the Prefects
Snake Dance Clothing 'DO' as demonstrated by the Prefects

Upper School Camp!!

On Thursday morning we awoke bright and early and boarded the buses to head up North! The Upper School girls headed to Camp White Pines and the Upper School boys were at Camp Onondaga.  The days were filled with activities: zip lining, sailing, canoeing, survival skills, and sports.  The nights are filled with songs, dance routines and camp fires!  And who could forget the food – fresh baked bread and delicious desserts!! YUMMY! Students were assigned cabins with a group of girls/boys from their house, so it was a good time to bond with housemates. Thanks to all the students and staff for making Camp 2011 a huge success!! Watch the video below to see what camp was all about:

boys scaling the climbing wall at Onondaga
Girls canoeing at Camp White Pines
Students in their tent by the lake at the Boys Camp
Girls after tie dying shirts at Camp White Pines
Students kayaking at Camp White Pines

To view more pictures from camp click here.