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Grade 12 AP Biology Classes with Mr. "Bio" Bob Malyk

Mr. “Bio” Bob Malyk’s class was converted into CSI: Ridley College recently as students in the Grade 12 Advanced Placement Biology class collected DNA from “suspects” and compared it to DNA found at a “crime scene”. It was a lesson in forensic science and the students found out there is a lot more to crime scene investigating than the show leads on. Check out the video from class:

Ridley College Successful Swim Meet

The swim team travelled to the Etobicoke Olympium on February 15th for the CISAA finals.  The swimmers have trained hard all season, which was evident at the finals where they were pulling out personal bests.  The Girls Senior team placed first overall and took home the CISAA trophy, which has not been done since 2003!  The Girls Sr. Medley relay (Savannah Cowherd, Stephanie Lam, Bethany Pile and Erica Balcombe) placed first 2:22.43, and the Girls Sr. Freestyle relay (Savannah Cowherd, Jessica Grys, Bethany Pile and Stephanie Lam) also placed first, guaranteeing both relays a spot at the OFSAA finals.   Stephanie Lam destroyed her competition in 100 breastroke (1:19.39) beating the number 2 by five seconds.  Jessica Grys placed second in 50 freestyle (31.11), Abby Morrison placed second in 50 breaststroke (43.08), Bethany Pile placed second in 100 IM, Olivia Park placed third in 100 breast (1:28.55) and Erica Balcombe placed fourth in IM.  All are OFSAA hopefuls.  The boys swam personal bests and shoutouts go to Nelson Hui who placed first in 200 freestyle (2:16.54) and will be competing at OFSAA.  Jesus Serrano qualified for OFSAA in all three events, placing second in 100 IM (1:11.53), 50 freestyle (28.34) and third in 50 butterfly (30.94) beating his time by over a second.  A huge congratulations go out to all the swimmers who have worked incredibly hard this season!  Stay tuned for OFSAA results on March 1 and 2.

Ridley College Valentine’s Day Debate

Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like a debate! In 1992, Ridley College began the tradition of holding a formal debate close to Valentine’s Day and this year was no different.  While Ridley debating has a long history at the school, prior to 1992 the only debate that actually took place on the campus was the Fulford Cup. Member schools take turns hosting the Fulford Cup, meaning that Ridley would host only once every 6 years. In order to raise the profile of debating, and to feature and attract students to this important para-curricular activity, the co-coaches at the time decided to host an annual debate in second term in and around Valentine’s Day. It started with a student campaign in 1992 with “bring a date to the debate” and the tradition grew from there. The topic of this year’s debate was the 1960s and its social, political and economic impact and the format of the debate was parliamentary style.   The winner of the debate and recipient of the Cronyn Trophy was Ms. Erin O.

Watch the debaters in action:

“In an age when most communication is done electronically and when people are more likely to ‘Tweet’ than meet the importance of debate has never been greater.  As well, healthy debate is the centre of our democracy and there are too few opportunities even in countries such as ours to debate publicly and properly, yet it’s considered an important 21st Century skill that remains a part of the democratic spirit…” – Mr. O’Rourke

To view more pictures from the debate:


Lower School Students Entertain with ‘Around the World in 8 Plays’

The intermediate division of Lower School wowed audiences with ‘Around the World in 8 Plays’ on Thursday afternoon and Friday evening. Dane C. and Grace L. entertained as the duelling couple and leaders of the travelling actors group that performed the eight plays.

Many of the students filled roles in various stories (as travelling actors do) and therefore had to keep lines straight from many different stories (not an easy task, but one that was handled with great professionalism by our students). Each play was set in a different country and conveyed a message to the audience. My personal favourite was the Japanese story about a great warrior who saves a king from a gigantic centipede and becomes a wealthy man after he is gifted with an endless roll of silk, a bag of rice that replenishes itself and a pot that cooks food to perfection and doesn’t need firewood to heat.

Students from Edith Cavell Elementary School joined the rest of the Ridley College Lower School audience on Thursday afternoon and our actors had all the students in stitches with their excellent comedic timing. Check out some highlights from the show:

To view photos from the show:


Mr. “Bio” Bob Malyk’s Innovative Science Lesson

Mr. “Bio” Bob Malyk invited me into his AP Biology class last week to watch an experiment about the Transformation of E.coli with Bioluminescence & Antibiotic Resistant Genes.  Sounds complicated right? Well, Mr. Malyk explains this in a way that it all makes sense.  He is one inventive teacher –  watch the video to see him do everything from referencing a Beyonce song to comparing a biology lab heat bath to a hot tub in order for students to understand his lesson and at the end of the experiment – glowing E.coli – keep watching!!

Anti-Bullying: “The Power of One”

Ridley College Lower School students know just what to do in order to combat bullying thanks to a new initiative at the school. Today, students participated in “The Power of One”, a presentation about how bullying happens and how we can stop it? Students learned that bullying is hurtful, purposeful and repeated behaviour and that even if they are a bystander they are guilty of letting bullying happen. Five brave volunteers were brought up on stage to act out a bullying scenario.

At the end of the presentation students took an oath to stop bullying from happening at the school. The oath is to be displayed in Lower School and to be signed by all students to show their commitment to “the power of one” to stop bullying.

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