Lower School Sports


An Excellent start to the Gymnastics Season!!!

The Lower School Artistic & Rhythmic and Upper School Rhythmic teams competed in their first Invitational meet of the Season at Bishop Strachan.

It was an excellent showing by Ridley. In the Rhythmic ball and rope competition the Lower School teams of Vaishna Rajakumar, Kate Wilson, Caroline Buhler and Kaylee Schrompf placed 8th. Arianna Gadinger, Heather Curtis, Grace Lowes and Julia Hutton placed 7th, while Ashleigh Sternberg, Morgan Mattern, Andrea Costello Rodriguez, and Siena Veditelli placed  4th.

The former Lower School gymnasts who made up the team of Kennedy Farr, Shayda Shivafard, Emma Hudson, Dani Parenti, Caroline Birkenshawand McKenzie Fowler place 3rd in this group event!

In the Level One individual competition in the beam event, Grace Lowes placed 8th, Julia Hutton 6th, Kaylee Schrompf 4th and Arianna Gadinger placed 1st.

In vault, Kaylee Schrompf placed 2nd and Arianna Gadinger was 1st, and on floor, Arianna Gadinger placed 3rdand Julia Hutton was 2nd.

The Overall standing put Julia Hutton 6th place, Kaylee Schrompf  3rd and Arianna Gadinger was the 1st place Level One Champion!

In the Level Two beam event Ashleigh Sternberg came 5th.

In vault, Andrea Rodriguez Castillo placed 6th, Heather Curtis was 5th, Siena Venditelli was 4th and Morgan Mattern took the 1st placed title, and on floor, Andrea Rodriguez Castillo placed 7th, Siena Venditelli  5th, Morgan Mattern 4thand Ashleigh Sternberg placed 1st.

The overall standing in Level Two was quite impressive with the girls taking 4th, 3rd and 2nd place titles.These titles were held by Siena Venditelli (4th), Ashleigh Sternberg (3rs) and Morgan Mattern (2nd).

It was a great day, and the Ridley Tigers should feel very proud of their performances. The next competition is the CIS Rhythmic Championships that will be hosted by Toronto French School on Thursday February 26th.

Congratulations All Gymnasts!

Boys Basketball

Ridley’s U14 Boys basketball team took a positive step forward on Wednesday, February 16 in their journey toward the Division II championships.  Ridley beat Crestwood Prep, 54 – 33 in Toronto. Although the U14 Tigers have a 12 – 1 record, this most recent game showed improved discipline and cooler attitudes in play.  The officials held both teams very closely to the rule of man-to-man defense, calling a technical team foul against players who stayed in a defensive zone rather than playing within 10-feet of their checked opponent.  This proved to be a good learning opportunity for these young players.  Ridley’s players adapted and were able to hold Crestwood to fewer points than in previous meetings.

Evan Forstinger lead scoring, rebounds, and blocks, with 26 points, 24 rebounds, and 6 blocks. Alex Matovic had 14 points, David Jaber, Tim Sullivan, and Jordan Politi each had 5, 3, and 2 points respectively. The contribution of all players has improved and will hopefully help theTigers to continue their upswing in play to the finals.  U14 Basket ball has two home exhibitiongames coming up against E. T. Clancy on February 23 and against St. Andrews College on March 2.   TheDivision II Finals Championship game will be held at Ridley College on March 5.  Please come out and support the U14 Basketball team at these upcoming games.

Girls Volleyball
The Under 14 Girls Volleyball team has been working hard since the beginning of the season and is coming together as a team. The girls started February off with two wins.

Their most recent win was a 3-0 shut out against St. John’s Kilmarnock. Excellent playing by all with an exceptional succession of serves by Sophia Seguin (say that 10 times fast). SJK were fighting hard for the second win, however, Ridley came out on top with a 25-21 victory. In the third game, Tamara Butera dominated the serves with 6 in a row and Rachel Kulhanek pulled off some fancy moves earning some more points. Final score: 28-26.