World Issues in Washington – Ridley Students Participate in Model UN

The best school trip I have ever been on! No doubt about it, NAIMUN 48 was a fun filled 4-day weekend.  Many students think model UN is just debating in a classroom, however, they are wrong. Our trip went beyond the classroom, as we learned about global issues and heard different opinions from students around the world. Mr. Beatty was our keen leader – showing us the ropes as we learned networking, debating and even travelling skills.

From the day we arrived at the Washington Hilton near DuPont Circle, it was obvious that this event was not small. With over 3000 students spread amongst the hotel, it was overwhelming, however as we met more students like us, the whole venue became more exciting.

During opening ceremonies, we sat amongst students from all walks of life, some of whom had been attending NAIMUN for years. There was 16 of us sitting together in the wave of delegates, it was daunting to think of what was to come; yet we all were still driven by the force of excitement.

During committee, all of Ridley’s delegates displayed their debating talents through prepared, thorough and thought provoking speeches. As Syria representatives, Ridley had a wide variety of topics to take on, including the very interesting, Middle East.

On the second day, we visited Capital Hill, where we sat in on a live American debate, and even saw the White House. And of course no White House sighting would be complete without seeing the king of the house, Obama’s dog, Bo!

On the third day, we had the pleasure of sitting amongst a fellow Canadian, Mark Kielburger, who was the keynote speaker for NAIMUN 48. His inspiring speech to change the world by taking action, not only provoked delegates to take a stand in committee, but also encouraged some to look into missionary trips.

On the last day, after the closing ceremonies of what turned out to be a successful model UN, the Ridley group decided to do some shopping in Georgetown and visit Georgetown University. Over 5 hours in the city, and the boys had enough of shopping, while the girls had only been in 3 stores. As for Mr. Beatty, you can never have enough dress shirts with high popped collars!

All in all, the trip was educational, exciting, relaxing, but most importantly, eye opening. It showed us that as young people we too could change the world by discussing potential issues and how we can solve them. And we even managed to get in our own national adventure in along the way. It was a great experience and will not be the last time that Ridley takes Washington by storm!

As told by Gianni Bahadoorsingh ’11 from Canada