Ridley College Students Participate in – The Energy Project: Through a Young Lens

This is an image of the SkyWheel, a ferris wheel located in Niagara Falls, Ont., home of one of the world’s largest sources of hydroelectric power. "This ride entertains thousands of people all year long, as they view the waterfalls from high above," says photographer Elaine Wong. "The SkyWheel uses bright, moving lights to help create entertainment for those who ride it. The visual impact of the motion and the lights also helps to contribute to the emotional energy of a visit to Niagara Falls," she says.

The Grade 10 Media Arts students are unveiling their new photography exhibit today in the Matthews Library.  The images have been submitted to PhotoSensitive, a group of photographers who tackle social issues through black and white images.  Last year, the Grade 10 Media Arts students participated in the student version of  ‘Cancer Connections: Through a Young Lens’. This year they contributed to the student version of  The Energy Project, a photographic initiative exploring facets of energy – its production, distribution and consumption as well as aspects of our daily lives that are directly affected by energy.  The photographs will be in the library today, with the official opening reception happening Friday evening at 7:30 p.m.  The exhibit will be on display until April 8th, so be sure to check it out!

This Exit sign, small as it may look, likely uses huge amounts of electricity because it is never turned off, says photographer Emma Hudson. "Even though sometimes we take things like this for granted, we need to remember that even the smallest things that we do – like turning off the lights – are enough to make an impact."
This image captures the power and energy transferred from the player to the ice in an ice hockey stop, says photographer Nick Sproviero. "Sometimes this image would never even cross our mind when watching a hockey game because we're distracted by other things. Without this transfer of energy, the game would not be possible."