House Reach Competition: Upset First Time in a Decade!

The match was intense this morning in the Theatre! ABW was eager to defend their long-standing tile (7 years in a row) and G-West was eager to break the even longer drought for ladies houses (since 1994 when G-East won). The game started with a lively match between Jr. Andrew P. scoring a 4-point ‘Who Am I?’ question about Queen Elizabeth and Liz G. answering two key team questions (G-West displayed excellent cooperation to answer these questions). The Jr. round ended with G-West ahead.

ABW’s Sr. boys worked hard to close the gap, leaving only a two point differential going into the last five questions. Both Sr. teams were very well rounded, with each player answering multiple questions, certainly the strongest field we’ve had in years! In the end G-West was able to gain a three-point lead, securing the first championship for a girls house in 17 years! The G-West girls are now the proud owners of a tree stump (the prize for this house competition) that has been showcased in the ABW common room for many years.