Election Fever Hits Ridley College

On Monday May 2nd Canadians will be heading to the polls for a federal election and Ridleians will be doing the same in a mock election held on campus. Over the past few weeks Mr. Filion and Mr. McNiven’s Grade 9 Civics classes have been campaigning much like the real party leaders have been all over Canada. Each Grade 9 Civics class was assigned a party (Conservative, Liberal, Green or NDP) and had to follow the platform of that party. They have been putting up posters, making Facebook groups and producing videos to convince their fellow students that they are the party to vote for. Today the party leaders from each classroom presented their final speech in the dining hall and Monday the students will head to the polls!

Check out one of the videos made by the Ridley Green Party:

The Ridley Liberal Facebook Group:


The Ridley NDP Facebook Group: