Senior Reach Provincial Team Vs. Faculty

Today, our Senior Reach Provincial Team (hereafter referred to as SRPT) took on a group known as “The Faculty” (or at least a small representative force thereof).

After Round 1, the score was 110-100, giving The Faculty a marginal lead. In the following rounds, the SRPT put forth a spirited effort, yet The Faculty employed their lightning speed buzzer pressing reflexes–and their age–to answer some key team questions (especially a memorable set of four about “A Modern Stone-Age Family”)

Mr. Park delivered “the knockout punch” with his answer to this question: “Who threw the ‘phantom punch’ that knocked out Sonny Liston, thus becoming the WBC Heavyweight Champion in 1965?” — (Sorry couldn’t resist this one!)

Final score: Faculty 470 —  SRPT 180.

Thanks to all who came to watch. Special thanks to Mrs. “Vanna White” Hahn for keeping score.

Check out some of the action: