Cappies Nominations Released

Ridley College has received 24 nominations for the 2011 Cappies.   The Cappies is a program through which high school theater and journalism students are trained as critics, attend shows at other schools, write reviews, and publish those reviews in the local newspaper.  After all the local high schools have presented their plays they hold an awards night. The 3rd Annual Cappies awards night will take place on May 25th at Welland Centennial Secondary School.  Ridley College has been nominated for 24 awards for various categories for the ‘Hairspray’ and ‘The Crucible’ productions.  The categories include everything from sound to best comic actor in a musical. Wish our nominees luck!


Jacob Escweiler, Toni von Schlabrendroff – The Crucible

Lara Gradil – Hairspray


Sung-Hwan Hong and George Lee – The Crucible


Alexia Noble, Adriana Radic, Connie Sgouromitis, Soho Yun – Hirspray

Props and Effects

Victoria Lee, Sophie Munden, Alexia Noble, Connie Sgouromitis – Hairspray


The Hairspray Orchestra


Catherina Dawson, Connie Sgouromitis – Hairspray

Ensemble in Play

The 3 Salem Girls – The Crucible

Featured Actor in Play

Tomas Pitfield – The Crucible

Featured Actress in Musical

Maddie Klimek – Hairspray

Featured Actor in Musical

Francois Le-Roux – Hairspray

Female Dancer

Janaan Issaka – Hairspray

Male Dancer

Shaneel Nair – Hairspray

Female Vocalist

Chinekwu Osakwe – Hairspray

Comic Actor in Musical

Nicholas Blaikie-Puk – Hairspray

Supporting Actress in Play

Maddie Heaven – The Crucible

Supporting Actor in Play

Nick Renzetti – The Crucible

Supporting Actress in a Musical

Briony Kemp-Griffin – Hairspray

Lead Actress in a Play

Victoria Purcell – The Crucible

Lead Actor in a Play

Conad Kabir – The Crucible

Best Play – The Crucible

Best Musical – Hairspray

Top Critic

Elizabeth Gross

Emma Hudson

Top Critics Team