104th Annual Cadet Inspection

Ridley College Cadet Corps held their 104th Annual Cadet Inspection on Saturday.  The cadets braved the rain to complete an impressive inspection.

The Inspecting Officer was Brigadier-General Terry Leversedge with Chairman of the Board Geordie C. Hendrie ’74.

Brigadier-General Leversedge presented a speech to the Cadets on the importance of pride, passion and professionalism.  For their hardwork, Leversedge recommended to Headmaster Mr. Leigh that the students receive a half holiday.  Upper School students were granted their Headmasters Half Holiday and it will be held on May 31st.  Lower School Cadets will receive their own reward.

To view more pictures from Cadet Inspection click here.

The following students were honoured with awards at the Inspection:

The Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence – C/Major Olivia Park

The Lord Strathcona Medal- C/Sgt Jessica Norder

The S.F.D. Sampson Memorial Cup (Best Recruit in the Band) – C/Corp. Candace Kent & C/Pvt. Luis Lopez-Guzman

The Newman-Rigby Trophy for Best Contribution to the band in the Brass Section – C/Sgt. Morgynne Anthony

The Newman-Rigby Trophy for Best Contribution to the band in the Percussion Section – C/Sgt. Niko Chan

The Newman-Rigby Trophy for Best Contribution to the band in the Woodwind Section – C/Lt. Augustine Nguyen

The Stephen R. Court Memorial Shield (Best Contribution to the Band from the Lower School) – C/Pvt. Alex Matovic

The McIntyre-Cassels Rosebowl (Best Graduating NCO in the Band as decided by the DSM and the Band Captain) – C/Lt. Nadia Eghbali

The Major R.S. Cockburn Shield (Best New Recruits – Male & Female) – C/Pvt. Weston Saunders & C/Pvt. Bethany Pile

The Captain C.W. Iggulden Shield (Best Cadet – Male & Female) – C/Corp. Andrew Allison & C/Pvt. Kalei Armstrong

The Lt. Col. A.C. Iggulden Memorial Shield (Outstanding Cadet in ‘D’ Company) – C/Pvt. Siena Venditteli

The J.B. McHardy Shield (The NCO who has done most for the betterment of the Corps.) C/Chief Warrant Officer & RSM Conad Kabir

The Capt. Frank Hollinrake Trophy (The Cadet in ‘D’ Company who best exemplifies enthusiastic participation and quiet leadership) – Pvt. Tamara Butera

The Mackenzie S. Fowler ‘11 Trophy (Best Officer in ‘D’ Company) – C/Lt. Ashleigh Sternberg

The Lt. Col. Iggulden Rosebowl (The Best Officer) – C/Major Christopher Robinson

The Heaman Prize (For Military Proficiency) – C/Master Warrant Officer Colin Houston

The Rumble Trophy – (Best Tribe/Platoon in Lower School) – #15 Platoon (Iroquois): C/Lt. Annie Hinan & C/Sgt. Jacob Campbell

The R.M.C. Cup (Best Upper School Platoon) – # 12 Platoon: C/Lt. Jacob Eschweiler, C/Sgt. Antonius von Schlabrendorff & C/Sgt. Norman Chung

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