Sports Round-up For The Year

A great year for Ridley athletics.  The overall athletic program had a 60% win percentage this year – a 7% improvement over last year and a 12% improvement over 2009. Below is a list of the accomplishments of our sports teams over the course of the entire school year:

CISAA Team Medals – 16 Championships, (8 Gold, 8 Silver)

CISAA Division I Champions:             3 (First Girls Basketball, First Girls Swimming, U14                                                                  Tennis)

CISAA Division I Silver Medals:         4 (First Boys Hockey, First Girls Rugby, First                                                                               Girls Golf, First Girls Soccer)

CISAA Division II Champions            4 (U12 Boys Soccer, U14 Boys Hockey, U14 Boys                                                                          Rugby, U12 Softball)

CISAA Division II Silver Medals:       3 (U14 Boys Soccer, U14 Boys Basketball, First                                                                            Boys Rugby)

CISAA Division III Champions:         1 (Second Girls Field Hockey)

CISAA Division III Silver Medals:      1 (U16 B Boys Soccer)

Individual CISAA Medals (4 Gold, 8 Silver, 7 Bronze)

Swimming                                      Four Gold, Five Silver, Three Bronze

Gymnastics                                    Two Gold, Five Silver

Track and Field                             Three Silver, Four Bronze

OFSAA Results (Team – 2 Silver, 1 Bronze) – (Individual – 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze)

First Girls Basketball                        “A” Bronze Medalists

First Swimming                                  One Gold, Three Silver, One Bronze

First Gymnastics                               Level II Team Silver Medalists

First Boys Basketball                        “A” Silver Medalists

First Girls Soccer                              “A” Qualifiers

First Boys Soccer                              “A” Qualifiers

First Boys/Girls Tennis                    6 Athletes qualified

CAIS Results:

First Girls Rugby                        Plate Champions – 3rd place finish

First Boys Rugby                        Bowl Champions

Tournament/Regatta Medals: (4 Gold, 13 Silver, 4 Bronze)

First Boys Hockey             – Tiger Challenge Cup Silver Medal, UCC Invitational Silver                                                      Medal, St. Francis Invitational Silver Medal

First Girls Hockey             – Tiger Challenge Cup Silver Medal, Mercyhurst Invitational                                                     Silver Medal, Detroit Invitational Silver Medal

First Boys Basketball        – St. Catharines Standard Silver Medal

First Girls Volleyball         – Brock Invitational Bronze

Rowing                                 – Stotesbury Cup: Senior Girls Quad (Silver), Canadian                                                               Championships: Senior Girls Double (Silver) Senior Girls Quad                                              (Bronze), Early Bird Regatta (3 Gold, 2 Silver), London Regatta                                                (1 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 bronze)