Opening Day at Ridley College September 2011

New students have been arriving on campus all morning registering for their first year at Ridley!  This afternoon the rest of the student body will arrive.  Everyone is excited and maybe a little anxious, but there are a lot of activities planned to keep everyone busy! Tonight the students will meet their advisors and have their first house meetings, tomorrow is the first day of classes and Thursday we leave for camp!!

2011-2012 Prefects start their duties as student leaders today by helping register and show new students around campus
Flags are flown from different countries to welcome the many international students that are becoming Ridleians today
Students and parents register outside the Great Hall
Students register for sports in the library
New G-East Resident with her mother - who is an Old Ridleian move into House
First lunch for students in the Great Hall
Headmaster Mr. Jonathan Leigh Greets Parents at Welcome Reception

Video from the day: