Early Thanksgiving Feast!

Canadian Thanksgiving is this Monday and students were treated to an early Thanksgiving treat today at lunch! Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pumpkin pie!! Delish!! Students will be leaving Thursday afternoon for their first break of the school year. Some students are heading to New York for a sightseeing trip lead by Mr. Martinez and Ms. Bylsma while others are going home or to a home stay with local Canadian families.

Staff carving a turkey for a traditional Thanksgiving meal in the dining hall
Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, squash and green beans topped off with gravy!
Student digging into some pumpkin pie!

Thanksgiving is a holiday in Canada which is celebrated the second weekend in October whereas American Thanksgiving is celebrated in late November. People gather with family and friends and give thanks for good fortune usually over a meal. Thanks to the Chartwell’s staff for an amazing early taste of Thanksgiving. And students don’t blame the tryptophan if you fall asleep during study!