How to become a Writer with the help of Ms. Wright

It’s not just a coincidence, guest speaker, Ms. Wright actually is a writer.  Ms. Heather Wright, published author and teacher of writing at Conestoga College visited Grade 11 English classes today to answer questions from students and to provide insight into freelance writing as a career.  She also taught a lesson on writing dialogue.

Ms. Wright in Mr. Baird's Grade 11 English Class

Ms. Wright was an English teacher at various high schools for a number of years (she even taught Ms. Scott and taught with Mr. Beatty and Mr. Leach) and always did freelance writing on the side, but six years ago she decided to make a full-time career out of it.  She is a ‘generalist’ and writes everything from magazine articles and short stories to website content and text books.  Her advice to those students interested in becoming freelance writers is to look for any and all opportunities to write and market yourself – get your name out there and show people what you can do. When writing dialogue she encouraged students to show the reader the movie that you see when you are writing and to make sure that it moves the story along.  For more tips on writing fiction, click here.
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