Making Knee Joints in Ridley College Exercise Science Class

Today I was in Ms. Corolis’s Exercise Science class where students are working on their major project for the year.  The students are creating a working knee joint with materials of their choice. They need to include the five bone structures and nine soft tissue structures that make up the knee joint. I saw everything from styrofoam to plasticine to cardboard tubes- really neat what the students came up with to display the bones, tendons, ligaments, menuscus and membrane that make our knee joint work:

Alison W. with knee project
Students working on knee joint project in Exercise Science Class
Candice K. works on knee joint project
Allie M. with knee joint project

FACT from today’s class: The knee joint has been classified as a modified hinge joint because it was, at one time, considered to be responsible only for flexion and extension. The knee joint has the ability to slightly rotate the leg medially and laterally, classifying it more precisely as a modified ellipsoid joint.