German Trio Win Spot Shooting Showdown at OFSAA Skills Competition

Franziska, Laura and Leonie (all from Germany) won the Spot Shooting Showdown last night at the OFSAA Skills Competition.   ‘Wir lieben dich’ – “we love you” in German could be heard in the stands as the girls swished shot after shot- 19 points in all, 2nd place went to E.S. du Sacré-C’oeur (NOSSA) with 8 points.

Franziska, Laura and Leonie (Ridley College German students) won Spot Shooting Showdown

The skills competition was the opening event of the Girls’ OFSAA ‘A’ Basketball Championship being hosted at Ridley College over the next three days.  Check out the video:

Ainsley was chosen as Ridley’s representative for the three-point competition.  She faired well, but did not make it to the final round. The Final Round consisted of the top-4 shooters out of 16 participants.  The results are as follows:

1st:  É.S. Jean Vanier (SOSSA) – 9 baskets
2nd:  É.S. Lajeunesse (SWOSSAA) – 8 baskets
3rd:  Rideau District High School (EOSSAA) – 6 baskets
4th:  Penetanguishene Secondary School (GBSSA) – 4 baskets

The Opening Ceremonies for the championship were held this morning and the first games will be played starting at 2 pm in the Fieldhouse and Griffith Gym.  Ridley’s first game is tonight at 6pm.