Math Computer Game Being Tested in Lower School

The Grade three and four classes at the Ridley College Lower School are putting their math skills to the test with a new computer game called ‘SMARTeacher.’  Ridley College is currently the only school testing this new computer game. The game is tailored to students individual needs and uses sensors to gage emotional reaction to the game as well as the students ability to determine the level of difficulty of the question. For example, if a student is getting frustrated and is answering a lot of questions incorrectly, the level of difficulty will decrease, as the student starts to answer more questions correctly and is happier the level of questions will become more challenging.  The main goal of the game is to create a more enjoyable and engaging learning experience:

‘SMARTeacher’ was created by two recent graduates of the University of Waterloo’s Mechatronics Engineering program, Alex Peters and Rohan Mahimker.  For more information on the computer program, click here.