10 Students Turn off Electronics & Take Vow of Silence for 24 Hrs. in Support of Free the Children

Students at 'We Day' in Toronto- - some of the students participating in the day of silence

Ten Ridley College students are taking a vow of silence for 24 hours starting today.  This also means, putting away their laptops and their phones – no e-mail, no Facebook, no Twitter.  It’s hard to imagine right? In our communication heavy society not being able to text a friend or check Facebook or even chat to a friend, but these ten students are making a point with their silence – they are standing up for Children’s Rights.  Franka, Jacqueline, Jenn, Isabel, Kennedy, Janaan, Lelie, Chelsea, Olivia and Chi are staying silent today to stand in solidarity with children around the world who are silenced by poverty and exploitation.  In October, these students participated in ‘We Day’ in Toronto, another initiative by Free the Children -where students gather to celebrate positive actions to work towards social change, it was a one day event, but it was also the kickoff to multiple events that will go on throughout the year to raise awareness and funds for children in need around the world. For more information on Free the Children or the ‘Vow of Silence’, click here.