Tiger-Bots Participate in First Robotics Tournament

14 members of the Lower School Robotics Team “Tiger-Bots” traveled to Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School in Oakville to compete in the Halton Regional FIRST Lego League Tournament on the weekend. The theme for this year’s tournament was “Food Factor” and each team was required to present a project on a topic related to food safety. Tiger-Bots #1 (Team #200) presented on the effects of compost on reducing the use of pesticides in wine production, and Tiger-Bots #2 (Team #522) presented on reducing contamination in salad bar in the Lower School Dining Hall.

Each team had 3 practice rounds on the competition boards in the morning and 3 competition rounds in the afternoon. Each round lasts 2:30 and the robots act autonomously (not remote controlled).

Thank you to all of the parents that made the trek to Oakville to support the team! Although the teams did not place, it was a great learning experience for everyone and the Tiger-Bots are already talking about how they are going to improve next year.

As told by Ms. Marcie Lewis, Grade Four Teacher