Typical Day at a Boarding School – A Day in the Life of a Ridley College student

If you are looking into attending a boarding school, I am sure you have wondered what a typical day would be like? Of course the main difference between a day school and a boarding school is that some of the students sleep on campus.  But what will the classes be like? What will I do after school and what kind of food will I eat? During first term two Ridley College boarding students, Meredith and Madi, volunteered to do a “day in the life” video, I went around to breakfast, lunch and dinner with them, class, after school activities and even to study and asked them to describe what they do on a typical day.  Take a look:

Ridley College is an independent coeducational boarding and day school in St. Catharines, Ontario Canada (about an hour away from Toronto, ON and Buffalo, NY).  Ridley offers JK to Grade 12 with a post-graduate option.  Boarding can begin in Grade 5.  With over 100 different high school courses, 14 different athletic teams and over 70 clubs and activities, Ridley has much to offer its students from over 31 countries.