Independent School Classrooms: Ridley College

Grade 10 History in the Ridley College archives

There are often questions about the differences between independent and public school classrooms.  I have asked students at Ridley College who have attended public schools in the past what they think the major differences are between the two types of schools.  Most students comment on the difference in class sizes, facilities and individual attention they receive due to the fact that there are smaller classes.  This week I was in Ms. Braun’s advanced functions class and Mr. Nash’s Grade 10 Canadian history class.  While I did notice the same things that the students commented on, I also noticed that in both classes the students were drawn into the lessons in unconventional ways.  Check out Ms. Braun’s class:

Mr. Nash’s class was in the Ridley College archives room looking at Ridley yearbooks from World War II:

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